Window coverings for bathrooms

Window coverings for bathrooms

Are you looking for the right style or bathroom window coverings? Although it is not difficult to narrow down the options, it is something you shouldn’t rush to do.

Although there are many bathroom window treatments, I would not recommend looking beyond the ones listed.

All window coverings or treatments featured here come from Metricon display homes. Images courtesy of the team. You can find more bathroom inspiration in theirĀ bathroom gallery. It also contains more bathroom window designs.

Roller Blinds for Bathroom Windows

Roller blinds are a popular choice for bathroom window coverings. Roller blinds have many benefits and drawbacks. Let me tell you about the pros and cons of roller blinds.

Why do bathroom roller blinds work?

Roller blinds work well in bathrooms because they can fit into any size window and provide privacy. Roller blinds can be used for any window size, even those with shorter windows. Rollers are perfect for bathrooms with multiple windows of different sizes.

These window treatments are very affordable and can be used minimally. They do not stand out or draw attention, so they are a good choice if you have another design element, that is, the star of the space.

Roller blinds are great for bathrooms because they can withstand humidity and are very easy to clean. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

What are the Downsides of a Roller Blind in a Bathroom?

Roller blinds can be a problem because they may block light and cause privacy issues. This is dependent on which type you choose.

There are two types available: block out and translucent roller blinds. Semi-see-through blinds are translucent. They let in light during the day, but don’t provide privacy at night. Outsiders will be able to see the figures within, which is not ideal.

Block out roller blinds, on the other hand are great for privacy (you can’t even see through them), but you will need to roll them up during the day to let in light to your bathroom. This is a problem if your windows aren’t opaque/frosted. People will be able to see what’s happening inside.

You might consider a double-roller blind. This will have both the translucent and block out parts on one window. To let the light through the translucent blind at night, roll the block out blind up in the day.

Roller blinds can fade into the background. This is a downside.

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