Feather cushion inserts

Feather cushion inserts

Flat cushions are over, decorating junkies. I have a secret to keep yours looking great for many decades: feather cushion inserts.

Although I’m not sure if I have a particular style, I do know that I have one. While many of my colleagues are able to stick to a single style when designing for clients, I have always been a master of many trades. I can decorate a beach apartment one week, a Hamptons home the next, and then a bachelor pad for moody men shortly afterwards. The variety is what I love.

My designs share a common thread: a feeling of effortless sophistication. The rooms feel well-designed and sophisticated, but don’t feel rushed. These rooms are not places you have to be anxious about. I like to keep my look casual, but sophisticated.

Flat cushions on sofa beds are not the best way to create this atmosphere in your home. Flat cushions can ruin a room that you have worked so hard to make look great. It’s not worth the effort to order a beautiful rug, sofa, armchair, coffee table and coffee table and then to bring down the look with flat cushions that you can’t karate chop.

The Cushion Chop: Controversial and Divisive

A cushion chop is my favourite thing. It’s something I do in every client’s home and my own. This goes back to my earlier comment about how I like rooms to feel sophisticated. A designer look is achieved by using plump cushions that have a cut in the middle. This is a more professional approach. Let’s face it, feather cushion inserts look amazing and are super comfortable.

However, the ‘bunny-ear cushion’ is not for everyone. It can be quite divisive. It’s not the most popular look, but it is one I find quite beautiful. Chopping up a plump cushion is something that excites me more than anything else. Yes, I know I should get more out of my comfort zone.

The truth is: Even if you don’t like the look of a cut cushion, feather cushion inserts will give your cushion a fuller appearance. You’ll use less cushion to fill your sofa if the cushion is fuller. This is important because many people buy cheap cushions filled with synthetic filling. The reality is that they are expensive and you will need to fill the sofa full.

Synthetic inserts can also cause cushions to lose their shape much faster than feather inserts. This means that you will spend more money on cushion replacements. I believe feather cushion inserts look better and last longer. What more could you ask for?

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