Modern Hamptons style kitchen

Modern Hamptons style kitchen

The best Hamptons kitchen design ideas that will make this area of your home a style winner. Let’s face it, I know many of you struggle with making decisions about fittings, fixtures, and colours. It’s probably driving your brain crazy.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I get it. It cannot be easy to decide on the Hamptons kitchen. Do you go classic? Do you go modern? What can you do to combine the two? There are many questions that you probably don’t know the answers to. It cannot be easy to find the answers on your own. You’re not the only one, and I will make it easy for you.

Let’s begin by saying that the best Hamptons kitchens combine old and new. While they pay homage to the Hamptons’ traditional elements, they bring modernity. They are both contemporary and classic at the same moment. That seamless blend is what I think is the hallmark of good room design. We will remember the blend as we look through my Hamptons kitchen tips.

Because you will ask, I want to point out that the above hero image is from Metricon. You can view more of it here. 

Palette of White and Grey Colours

It is very important to choose the right colour palette. This is the first step in designing a Hamptons kitchen. Contrast is a great way to make the space stand out. You might consider painting the walls of the room a soft grey.

This will make the white cabinets pop. It would look less striking if the cabinets and walls were white. A Hamptons kitchen must have an impact.

Shaker Cabinet Fronts

I can’t recall ever seeing a Hamptons kitchen with shaker cabinets. Shaker refers to the profile at the top of the cupboard doors. It can be seen in the above image.

There are several options for thickness of the outer rail of the door. Your cabinet maker can help you to choose the right design. The standard outer rail thickness is 60mm. However, you can make it thicker.

Your cabinets should be painted in a soft grey or white colour. Although I have seen cabinets painted in blues, I don’t think they are as successful. If you want to create a Hamptons-style, classic, sophisticated vibe, I recommend white or soft grey (or, as mentioned, a combination of both).

Cabinets should be painted with a satin finish and not high gloss. A glass front on the upper cabinets is a great idea. This gives the kitchen a luxurious feel.

Black or chrome handles

This is the choice that I see so many people struggle to make. Do you choose to install chrome handles on your front doors or matte black?

It is important to decide what kind of vibe you want: one that is more traditional or one that is more modern. The black is contemporary and more traditional than the chrome.

After you have decided on the colour, it is time to decide what handle shape you will use. One common option, which I highly recommend, is to use small round knobs for your upper cabinets and a D shape or pull handle for the lower cabinets. Cup pulls can also be found in Hamptons kitchens. However, I find them quite out of date. It all depends on personal taste.

A Curved Mixer/Tap

In a Hamptons-style kitchen, tapware is essential. We are blending old and modern here, I will stress that again. We’re keeping the classic features such as the shaker cabinets but the tapware can be updated to suit your needs. You can choose to avoid elaborate tapware and opt for something more modern. This is something I highly recommend.

The team at Metricon installed matt black tapware above this classic kitchen. It really brings it into today. It matches the cabinetry handles, which is a good idea. It would be odd to have tapware in one colour and handles in another. This is why it’s best not to do so.

Deep Sink

A Hamptons kitchen isn’t complete without a sink worthy of praise. If you have the funds, consider a deep butlers sink. This sink, like many other elements in the room, adds a feeling of casual elegance and presence to the kitchen. It should be white. Ceramic makes the butler’s sinks feel elegant and chic.

The Hamptons style sink is a great choice because it will provide a nice contrast to the black tapware. If you are looking for a low-cost option, IKEA has affordable butler’s basins.

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