This South Florida Farm Cottage Is Filled With Charm And A Miniature Horse

Every year the Winter Equestrian Festival draws thousands of people worldwide to Wellington, Florida. While some people come and go, others, such as Lily Maddock and her teenage daughter Mimi, both horseback riders, feel very comfortable. Maddock and her father, a Miami local, completed the construction of Blue Heron Farms, her Wellington dream house and barn, from the foundation in 2021.

Most of the time, Maddock and her family reside in New York City, where you’ll need help finding a 21-stable barn similar to that they built in Florida. If they venture out to the farm, they’re joined by a group of horses, including the strawberry Shortcake and “Shorty,” the ashy white miniature horse that behaves like a dog with a family.

“She roams the property freely from sunrise to sunset,” Maddock states of Shorty. “We love sitting on the porch and having her come up there and get treats.”

From every room, Maddock wanted to be in a position to look out over her farm. Maddock’s interior design was influenced by old Florida beauty and natural elements such as an earthy palette of colors and lots of furniture made of wicker (which is the most popular snack of Shorty) and also focusing on the practical aspects of an old-fashioned farmhouse.

“One thing we were able to establish was that the house will be dirty. It’s dusty, windy and filthy. The farm is where we chose dark wood flooring and a performance rug,” adds Lori Deeds, Maddock’s interior designer from Kemble Interiors in Palm Beach.

In the house, A couple of riding shoes here, some equestrian ribbons over there, and a horse peering through a window in the corner add to the charm of this hardworking, horse-loving home.

Let Nature Do The Talking

“We have a really beautiful porch because we love to sit outside and see all the animals,” Maddock says. Maddock. The most appealing thing about this space for her is the views. The round dining table by One Kings Lane is the perfect spot for dining outside and relaxing and watching the farm work or Mimi playing her sport on the back of a horse. It could be the site of a horse’s home, but on the front porch, an old bird cage is in honor of the family’s parakeet who lives at Their New York residence.

Prepare For Mess

Arriving at the house fresh from riding on horses, Maddock was well aware that her entranceway was likely to be flush with dirt and grime that had accumulated from the farm. Therefore the foyer had to be a place that was flexible that was beautiful, yet resilient to the chaos. Beautiful Thibaut wallpaper is paired with high-end designs, such as the Dash & Albert area rug, which is easy to wash.

“It’s a nice wide open space where you can come in and feel free to kick off your riding boots, and it doesn’t matter if they’re dusty,” says Deeds. “There’s just a simple little bench with no cushion, so if you’re dirty, you don’t have to worry about sitting down, and there’s a place to hang your hat.”

Look Inward

A green and blue paradise The family’s living room is Maddock in all its glory. “I would say my favorite color is blue,” she explains, “and we did a lot of blue. We also were a lot green because the outside of the farm is very green. I love it.”

The room is full of vibrant colors that make her smile, such as the match of Lulie Wallace’s Clara pattern that covers the walls, chairs with upholstered seats, and throw pillows. some aspects of the living room of the Maddock family are specific to the Maddock family’s lives. The walls are decorated with art from her mother and paired with ribbons from races Maddock won, as well as her daughter. On the tables to the side, Deeds hand-glued miniature butterfly figurines one by one onto Maison Maison lamp shades to express Maddock’s passion for nature, her family of young, and her energetic energy.

Decorate From The Top Down

“Everywhere you go there has to be something of a special. There must be precious object,” states Deeds. “That’s my philosophy, so it’s very rare you’ll see a plain white ceiling in my work.”

The kitchen is decorated with a light and blue Seabrook wallpaper, and hanging pendant lights create the tone for a clean and practical kitchen that isn’t boring. White walls painted with Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White (967) form a sleek and elegant backdrop for a soft blue cabinet in Benjamin Moore Under the Big Top (1675), which was finished off with the anchoring Serena & Lily barstools. Maddock’s husband is the chef in the family, and enjoys cooking in the bright, spacious kitchen. Maddock loves the large wine refrigerator.

Blend Old And New

Deeds and Maddock enjoy an excellent antique and love the traditional Southern decor styles. However, they wanted to make the home decor feel as fresh as Maddock herself. The house is a balance between modern and conventional, culminating in the breakfast area just in the kitchen area where Maddock enjoys meals with her family and takes in the views of the farm.

“In this room, painting the trim a different color (the same as the kitchen cabinets, BM 1675) keeps it fun,” says Deeds. The matching table skirt and Schumacher background and the matching table skirt can lend themselves to a more traditional style. “We have also added a modern chandelier, instead of an old-fashioned or traditional piece. Bubble chandeliers are where we threw in a bit of feminine and a younger vibe in the style. It could have been an old-fashioned lantern however, why not give it an extra twist and create something with lots of contrast?”

Chase Childhood Dreams

“I think that when girls grow up, some have always dreamed of having a canopy bed and others never thought anything of it,” says Deeds. Maddock is within the realm of dreamers who have a canopy bed. In addition to the enchanting mattress, Maddock wanted a dreamy bedroom where she could spend quiet mornings watching her farm outside the window and surrounded by the Thibaut wallpaper and furniture. The canopy bed is an ample space across the room in the bedroom. the desk and seating area provide additional functions.

“I wanted to look at the farm while having coffee in bed, a place to sit, and a desk so I could also do some work,” Maddock explains. Maddock, “but every wall has windows so there’s a full view of the farm at all times.”

Throw A Curveball

The tiniest powder room is designed to create an impressive impression with the bold, colorful wallpaper from Brunschwig & Fils. This is where Maddock gave Deeds to take the playbook in the rest of the home and create a jolly and novel design. There are elements from the other areas of the house can pass through. Green and blue are two of the bright colors, but not the only ones, and a mirror with a frame made of rattan from Pottery Barn keeps the theme of natural materials through. In addition, a tiny piece of artwork depicting birds illustrates the homeowner’s love for animals, which is the main focus of the entire property.

Create Consistency

Alongside housing humans, Maddock’s Wellington home also has room for her horses to reside. The main cottage is located adjacent to it. Maddock’s 21-stable home is home to five horses, which include the bay-horse Julio along with Chestnut haired Max. The barn is large and has an area for relaxation and three tack rooms, where horses’ equipment is kept.

Contrary to the home filled with color and pattern, Deeds took a simplistic style of decorating the barn. Simple lines and clean palettes are a common feature throughout the stables, which are utilitarian. The exterior is painted white using Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65), similar to the surface of the cottage, which is a perfect match for the forest green shutters and roof that are in keeping with the principal house. The common threads throughout the house maintain cohesion and tie together the two parts of Maddock’s horse-friendly getaway.

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