12 Outdoor Decorating Trends To Try In 2023

Southern summers are typically in a constant rotation from one outdoor area from one outdoor space to another. Begin your day with a relaxing breakfast on your patio with a tall, cold glass of tea, then move on to the recliner and finish the evening with barbeque. You can then take it off the top of the hill the next day. If you’re planning to endure the scorching temperatures and humid air to enjoy time outdoors, your outdoor spaces must be ready to take on the challenge. Patios, porches, lawns, yards, and gardens must be on top to host guests throughout the summer. In 2023 interior designers are taking on the task of taking advantage of Southern home’s outdoor spaces, readying for an extended summer of outdoor lounging and enjoying the outdoors. Here are some ideas for outdoor decor that interior designers would recommend to try this year.

  • Melissa Gerstle is the principal landscape designer at Melissa Gerstle Design, located in Dallas, Texas.
  • Bradley Odom is an interior designer and owns the Bradley Odom for Dixon Rye studio. Bradley Odom owns the studio for Dixon Ryein Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Caitlin Wilson is an interior designer and product designer who runs a studio and a shop in Dallas, Texas.
  • Caitlin Kah has an interior designer from Plam Beach, Florida-based interior designer with Caitlin Kah Interiors.

Outdoor Rooms

Multiple seating spaces are the norm in 2023 to increase the space in your backyard. It’s not about having the ability to take in the most significant amount of people, although that’s a benefit. In reality, every space has a distinct purpose.

“Just like the house has different rooms, we are creating outdoor rooms by making specific seating areas,” says landscape designer Melissa Gerstle.

This entails designing areas for different purposes that apply to your daily life. A dining space and a place for a cocktail hour are ideal for outdoor entertainers who love to party, and others might need a quiet reading spot within the backyard. Additional seating around a fire or for a chat are some other options.

“Carving out distinct moments really maximizes the usability of your outdoor space,” is the opinion of the interior design expert Bradley Odom. “When creating separate spaces it is essential to provide an element of privacy between the two. Even in the absence of a large amount of outdoor space the use of outdoor room partitions can be a good idea particularly if they’re covered with growing vines.”

Outdoor Kitchens

As per Gerstle and Odom According to Odom and Gerstle, an outside “room” in particular that people adore can be used to cook all seasons. Make your meals using your grill inside or outside the kitchen, and serve it in your dining space. The kitchens designed by Southern Living are not just with function but with a view to socializing. The past was when Gerstle says that many people put away their grills, and outdoor kitchens offer the opportunity to make grilling an essential element for hosting barbecues and cookouts.

“A lot of times, when planning an outdoor kitchen, people want to hide the grill or put it on the side of the house because they think it’s unsightly,” Gerstle states. “While I’m not always wanting to have a direct views of the barbecue, I nevertheless wish to make it easy that the cook can interact with friends in the outside. I’m not looking to banish the chef to a different location from the celebration.”

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

This season’s trend is air cooling. Southern Summers aren’t for those who aren’t able to handle it, and many people are opting to enjoy the summer’s beauty with no full force of Mother Nature. Spaces that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors can be the answer to simple and breezy summer living.

“Sunrooms, covered porches, and enclosed patios allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being subjected to harsh direct sunlight,” Interior design expert Caitlin Wilson.

Decorating As An Extension Of Interiors

“The outdoor space should serve as an extension to the indoors, according to designer Caitlin Kah. “I like to tie the spaces together with familiar colors, finishes, and textures.”

Even if you’re working in a room that is a mix of indoor and outdoor, the outdoor setup is an additional element of your home’s overall style. As you wouldn’t create an entire living space that contrasts against your kitchen layout, don’t modify the look of your home by changing the décor on the outside of your walls. When you gaze out your window inside your house, it shouldn’t be different from the inside. Instead, the lines between the inside and outside will likely be blurred by design cues common to all.

“It’s essential for the house to feel holistically like one property and one thought process,” Gerstle agrees.

Curved Furniture Silhouettes

This style originated from bringing indoor types across the backyard. Odom tells us that the rise of curved furniture stems from the organic modern techniques that have gained popularity for interiors. Today, this design is growing in popularity beyond walls too.

“We’re using a curved outdoor sofa in a new project that references the organic modern trend we’ve been seeing,” Odom declares. “We’ve used curved sofas on many interiors but it’s our first time bringing it outdoors–it really makes it feel like another room in the home.”

Bright Tablescapes

With stunning outdoor spaces comes the opportunity to host spectacular parties. Set up your outdoor setting with a gorgeous tablescape, and ensure you have beautiful table settings ready for any outdoor celebration. Wilson suggests bright crystalware and table linens, and Kah loves the colorful ones. She also means buying beautiful napkin rings and melamine table setting to make a statement in any outdoor event area.

Simple Furniture With Bold Fabrics

Since fashion trends tend to go into and out of fashion, Gerstle recommends sticking to timeless neutrals for furniture. The ideal place to experiment by incorporating trendy colors is the accessories. Throw pillows are an excellent option to include stylish colors and patterns since they can be replaced without a huge hassle or financial burden should the ones you choose become worn out. If you’ve heard Gerstle’s advice too late and you’re already unhappy with the furniture you purchased just a few years ago, Kah has a solution.

“A simple trick to revitalize your outdoor space is to reupholster the pieces you already own,” She suggests in the latest collection of durable outdoor fabrics. “Recently, the performance fabric industry has exploded, and we have seen exceptional brands such as SchumacherCowtan & Tout, and Scalamandre branch off into the outdoor fabric market.”

Container Gardens

The plant containers are always in our thoughts. However, Gerstle claims that they’re becoming more sought-after. Much like furniture Gerstle cautions people who join this trend to avoid buying the most stylish containers. Suitable containers are a good investment; she suggests that you avoid finding yourself in a situation where you’ll need to purchase new ones for the following summer. Better, Gerstle says, to select timeless containers and fill them with what’s trending. Flowers are an excellent option to add color to complement your stylish throw pillows.

Creative Spaces

In the homes of the South, 2023 is an exciting year for colors. Previously, all-white rooms have been pushed out in favor of burstings of vibrant color to add a splash of color to your home. This is also true for outdoor spaces. Gerstle states that homeowners are stepping out of boundaries and “taking more risks” at an increasing rate regarding colors, fabrics, and style. One customer, she claims, even went to give her backyard a bath in powder.

“People will sometimes go a little bit riskier in the powder bath,” Gerstle states, referring to colorful wallpapers and bright colors often seen in tiny half baths. “With this particular client, we made the whole pool completely break every aspect of the house and we just got very playful with it.”

Fire Pits And Places

“Fire pits and fireplaces are huge,” says Gerstle. “We always have them.”

Even in the hot summer hours, there’s something as relaxing around a bonfire. The roasting of marshmallows is essential and obvious. A fire pit in the backyard or fireplace can also provide a place to sit in various beautiful seating. Find ideas for your right here.

Front Yard Fanfare

Gerstle is also revealing that the trend of outdoor fireplaces extends towards the front of your home, which is getting greater attention in general. For 2023’s front yards, they will be not just for manicured lawns, maybe a tree or two, and open areas to relax and entertain.

“I’ve been doing more fireplaces on the front of the home now than I ever used to, and sitting spaces in the front yard, too,” Gerstle says. Gerstle explains how the yard in front is now more easily accessible and a good place for spontaneous entertaining. “People are more social and they want to interact more with their neighbors.”

Natural Textures

The trend that will be booming in 2023 is using natural materials in furniture and interiors that enhance the look of the outdoor area. Designers can’t get enough of Wicker wood, rattan, and rattan, each of which lends charm to a relaxing outdoor space.

“Pieces that feature hand-woven rattan or caning are versatile yet timeless,” Wilson says. Wilson. “I tend to avoid using stainless steel and metal furniture and instead opt for natural finishes for more warmth and comfort.”

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