Kitchen splashback ideas

Kitchen splashback ideas

Many people find the splashback decision the most difficult kitchen design decision. It’s amazing how many people struggle with this decision. It’s understandable, as splashback is where people will be bolder with colour and shape.

Here’s a roundup of the most popular kitchen splashback trends to help you make a decision or inspire you!

Marble mosaics in luxury

Marble mosaic splashbacks, particularly in classic shapes such as subway and fish scale, have been very popular since the beginning. This year, the trend is changing with luxury marble mosaics that are more decorative.

The Tic-Tax, Olivetti, and Arch are some of the newest marble mosaic shapes. These mosaics are available in various natural stones such as luxe green and earthy Travertine. There are also ultra-decorative patterns like the daisy mosaic made of marble (see our flat lay). It’s important to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality. This mosaic’s floral pattern means that it is more grouty and would not be the first choice behind a stovetop.


KitKat-shaped mosaics, which have been gaining popularity over the past year or so, are now a top choice for kitchen splashback trends in 2022! You don’t have to limit yourself to solid colours. There are also designer crackle glaze options available, as well as natural marble tiles that look amazing.

Zellige square shape (hand-chiselled Moroccan tiles)

These dreamy, hand-chiseled Moroccan tiles called Zellige are a great choice for interior design. Each tile can be found in many muted tones including wheat and sage. They are expensive, so be prepared.

There are also some cheaper versions of Zellige tiles. You can get similar Zellige tiles for as low as $300-$400 per square foot. They are made from porcelain, not clay, and still have beautiful undulated surface and tonal variations between pieces.

Extra large porcelain panels

Extra large porcelain panels are a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks in modern and luxurious homes. These panels are made from extra-large slab tiles and come in a variety of lengths, some exceeding 3m. They are available in many different colours and patterns including concrete look, natural stone and sliced stones. They are also easy to maintain and require no grout.


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