12 Simple Tips For Decorating With Luxury Home Accessories

Style your home to reflect your personal taste and preferences. Luxury home accessories can add depth, detail and a special touch to any scheme. They also provide conversation starters to you and your guests.

We believe that good styling can elevate your home and that the right piece will last a lifetime and transcend trends. Author wants to encourage its customers to invest their money in British-made, high-quality pieces that have a sustainable provenance. This allows us to tell the story of each piece’s creation. Follow these 12 tips to decorate with luxury homeware to give your home that little extra spark.

1. Think About The Space You Have

Consider how you would like the space to feel and look before you begin styling it or decorating your home in luxury. What are the existing foundation pieces? Are there any gaps in your shelves or empty spaces on the coffee table? You can easily overdo it with your luxury homeware if you don’t take into account the available space. Plan your room according to your style.

2. Enjoy The Finest Quality Throws

Let’s begin with something easy. Add a luxurious throw to your space and you’ll feel right at home. Throws provide texture, color and comfort. Grey, blue and lavender are the muted colors of our luxury mohair throw. They will suit any style interior. The soft woven blanket can be styled on the edge of the sofa or chair in the daytime and wrapped up warmly at night while reading a book and sipping wine.

3. Make a Statement

Do not be afraid to use bold colors and designs when you decorate your home. If styled correctly, consoles, shelving and bookcases can become a show-stopper. We have the perfect thing to add to any collection. Add a quintuple flamboyant flamingo vase to your living area. Each flamingo is handcrafted in Scotland by Bryony, a talented silversmith. They all have different details, giving them their own personalities. The flamingo is charming, elegant and makes a bold statement.

4. Mix and Match Cushions

Choose different materials and colours for your cushions instead of matching them to create a luxurious and decadent look. For the warmer months you should use lighter materials like linen or silk, while in winter you can go for heavier textures like velvet or wool. This lambswool pillow is stunning with its sequins, stitching and details. This luxurious cushion is available in gunmetal gray and midnight blue, and it’s handmade in the North East Scotland.

5. Invest In Artwork

It is a fact that many homeowners are hesitant to add artwork, but it’s one of the best ways to elevate your home. Choose pieces that will get people talking, such as the uplifting balloon paintings by Edinburgh-based artist and Illustrator David Schofield. Consider the colours that you would like to highlight in your interior design scheme, and choose complementary artwork. David’s artwork is a great example. The contrast between the bright, eye-catching color of the blue and the monochrome of the balloons will bring a splash of colour into any room.

6. Play with Sculptural Pieces

You can create focal points in your home by using bold and striking pieces such as large vases, sculptures and lighting. This will help you with the styling. Consider adding different materials, such as ceramics and glass to create an eclectic look. Take a look at the decorative dewdrops hand-blown by Elin ISAKSSON from molten tempered glass. Display the dew drops on a table, shelf or mantelpiece where there is both natural and artificial lighting.

7. Style A Tray

When it comes to style, layers are key. Think about ways you can elevate certain areas in your room. A tray can be a great way to create a focal point and showcase all your lovely possessions. The round oak tray, made by Tom Trimmins from reclaimed wooden, is the perfect addition to a tabletop. This tray’s contemporary steam bent looping is attached with a traditional, hand-cut swallow-tail joinery. It is then fixed with beautiful copper tacks. It’s an essential for any coffee table.

8. Serve it UP

You don’t have to entertain all the time. But you should still think about how you want your guests to look. What do you think a casual dinner party with friends or a dinner event would look like? These wooden serving troughs look sleek and elegant, but have plenty of space to serve all kinds of foods – including bread, cheese, meat or even a bottle fizz, if you so desire. You want to please your inner circle, and yourself occasionally.

9. Barware – Go All The Way

Bar carts and home bars are great ways to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your house while still being functional. Invest in an optical decanter to start the party. Glass decanters can add some colour to your bar cart. This gorgeous blue glass decanter will add a beautiful hue to any brass bar cart.

10. Create Your Signature Scent

Style is not just about your appearance, but also the atmosphere you create. Your signature scent can help set the mood, and also reveal a lot about your personality. Wildheart Organics’ room spray contains a blend of Geranium, Frankincense, and Rose. This mood-enhancing scent will create an inviting atmosphere with a spa-like fragrance. It’s rare and natural essential oils are the key selling point. The same scent can be layered in candle form to create a spa like environment.

11. Speak it with Flowers

Flowers can be used to add a touch of luxury and glamor to your home on a regular basis. Look for unique, seasonal flowers. Then think of creative ways to style them. Glass vases look modern and are easy to style. If you want to be creative, you can even style each stem. Our favourite glass posy dish is made using traditional English glass-making techniques. It has heirloom quality and is stunning. They are small and can be used in many places, such as on coffee tables and bookshelves.

12. Add Candles

Natural Wax Candles should be one of your final touches to your home. The more luxurious the scent, the better. The Author designed reusable candles by ceramist Myer Haliday and candle manufacturers Wildheart Organics look beautiful and have a soothing scent. The candle’s aromatherapy properties will soothe your soul. It can then be cleaned to use as a container for sauces, coffee, chocolate or even a small bouquet.

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