Hardy plants for pots for outdoors Australia

Hardy plants for pots for outdoors Australia

We believe plants are the best way to transform a house into a home. This is true inside and outside the home, but many of you rent or have very limited outdoor space. We decided to talk to experts and bring you the top pot-loving plants.

Pot plants can be a great way to add colour and greenery to a small outdoor space, such as a patio, balcony, or courtyard. It cannot be easy to know which plants will survive and thrive in pots.

Sun vs. shade

Determining how much sunlight or shade your plants get each day is crucial. This is an important factor in selecting the right plants for your space. Some plants thrive in the shade, while others can take a lot of sunlight.

Sun lovers

Vegetables and herbs

Pots are not only a great place to grow herbs and vegetables, but they also make it easy to create delicious dishes.

Basil, mint, parsley and coriander are all pot-loving herbs. You can also choose vegetables such as spinach, silverbeet and Chinese cabbage.

Potted colour

Potted colour is a great way to add some colour to your space. Your space will be filled with joy and colour. Annuals, which have a one-year life cycle, are very easy to grow and often quite affordable.

Pansies are great for winter and spring, but petunias work well when it gets hot.


Although succulents are one of the most resilient plants, we have still managed to kill some. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes so you can find the one that suits your taste.

Bromeliads, echeveria, and agave are among the most resilient varieties. We recommend that gardeners who are just beginning their gardening journey choose something smaller and less expensive so they won’t be disappointed if the plant doesn’t thrive.


Blueberries can be grown in pots and are very easy to grow. Make sure you give your blueberry a rich, acidic soil mixture with good drainage. Also, don’t forget to choose a dwarf variety to ensure it doesn’t outgrow the pot.


Bougainvillea is another sun-loving plant that can thrive in pots. Although the ‘Raspberry Ice” variety is great to get started, it’s better to go with a dwarf bambino to prevent it from growing too large.

They are a sturdy plant that produces stunning flowers. They can be found in almost all parts of Australia except for the most chilly areas.

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