Keep Your Rugs Clean for a Tidier Home

Cleaning chores that are completed only once each year are generally seen as our least favorited. Cleaning the siding of your house, dusting the refrigerator’s coils, or cleaning curtains fall into this category. One task that is frequently neglected involves deep-cleaning the rug. If you are unable to recall the last time you cleaned your rug it is not a problem. As you’re probably aware that it doesn’t require an expert in cleaning to understand that just vacuuming your rug isn’t enough. Year after year, month after year, germs and grime are bound to accumulate. Since this dirt is hidden deep within the rug’s fibers even the strongest or most effective vacuum can not remove all of it. In fact, improperly cleaning your rug may cause the product to lose its warranty. These are the reasons you must include “Clean Rugs” to your To Do List more often.

How Often Should Rugs be Professionally Cleaned?

If you have a frequent schedule of spot-treating and vacuuming You could be able to clean your rug once a year. Many people do not clean their carpets correctly so carpets require professional attention more often. The issue is that most people are too quick to vacuum. Experts suggest a slower speed to move rug fibers more effectively. This will ensure that debris, dirt and bacteria are eliminated more effectively.

Kids and Pets May Increase Frequency

If you have children, pets or both, you’re aware that your family members tend to be the most messy. Due to this, you may have to intensify regular deep-cleaning of your rug. In addition to the dirt that pets and children ingest cleaning your rug is essential to security. Rugs are a great place to trap dust, bacteria and mold spores that could cause health issues for every member of the family particularly for those who spend a lot of time on the flooring. Opt to clean your rug every 6 months to avoid exposure to different kinds of contaminants present in the rug as well as keep it a safe space to play.

Know What to Look For

Are you unsure of when your rug is due being cleaned? There are several methods to tell the time they’re due for shampoo. The most straightforward method is to use the Smell Test. If you’re unable to pinpoint where the persistent and unpleasant smell originates, take a look at your rug. It’s likely that your rug is the cause and you should contact the experts.

Another way to tell the condition of your rug and whether it needs an intensive cleaning is to use using the Rub Test. This test may be a surprise to you! Rub your palms on the rug in circular motion for approximately 15 minutes. If you spot dirt on your hands is a sign that it’s time for you to give your carpet cleaned. Similarly, do a Scrub Test. Apply soapy water and apply a brush to only a small area of a rug that is in an area with a lot of traffic. If that area turns an unusual color, which isn’t in keeping with to the other rug areas, it’s time plan a Rug cleaning in Adelaide.

Even though you’d probably realize the rug was in need of cleaning earlier however, the ultimate decision comes from using the Allergy Test. If you’re noticing difficult allergies even after having vacuumed, it’s most likely time to wash out the allergens that are hidden inside your rug.

Take it to the Professionals

The process of deep cleaning your rug is not something you need to tackle by yourself. Area rugs that are specialized and oriental rugs require special care. Wet-wash treatment that is full-immersion will revive and restore your rug’s appearance to that of new. We make it simple for our customers to have their precious rug cleaned. 


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