50 top items in home decor

You may reach a point in decorating your house where you ask, “what else can you use?”. What other items or home decor can you use?

We have been there many times. That’s why we put together this list. This list is an excellent resource for ideas when we need more in an arrangement or the room looks sparse.

This list will help you the next time you get a decorator’s blot. Why not save it to Pinterest or Facebook and use it later?

Wall Prints

We tend to focus on what is on the floor when we decorate and ignore our walls. Now, there’s an enormous range of affordable wall artwork available. Find a beautiful piece of large-scale wall art without spending a fortune. Here is our top 10 list of affordable art online.


Even though we can see the time on almost every device today, a wall clock is still a great decor item. Choose a wall clock that fits your style, whether it’s contemporary, coastal, industrial, or anything else. Take our free and fun interior style quiz to find out your style.

  1. Table lamps

Lighting is essential, and we don’t just need ceiling lights. Floor and table lamps can create a softer glow and reduce shadows and are also a great way to decorate your home.

Shop our favorite lighting.


Changing your cushions is the best way to save money. Changing the cushions, you can introduce new colors or textures to a room. Switch the foam inserts to feather inserts to give your cushions a luxurious look. They will also provide you with more comfort.


This was a must-have for us lovers! Candles can add atmosphere to your home like a few other decor pieces because they work on our senses of smell. To avoid toxins in your home, choose candles made with soy wax.


Rugs are helpful in many ways. They can define zones, provide warmth and soften hard floors. Choosing a rug with intense color or pattern can become a work of art in a room. The video gives you all the tips and tricks on choosing the perfect rug.


Vases are available in all shapes and sizes, whether made of glass, ceramic, metal, or concrete. The size and design of the vase will determine whether it looks great as a standalone item (such as an oversized vase with dried branches placed on a sideboard) or if you want to incorporate it into a stylish arrangement.

See our favorite vases of the season

The Art of Using

Having a limited-edition or one-off original artwork in your home is so special. The story behind the piece and the artist’s background adds to our home’s uniqueness. We always recommend investing in art, whether glasswork, sculpture, or painting.


Books can add a homey feel to your room and show off your interests. They look fantastic in a bookcase, of course! You can use them on any surface, including a table for coffee or bedsideThe book depository is our go-to shop for books. They offer free shipping worldwide and have over 20 million books in their collection.


Mirrors can be strategically placed to bounce light or create an illusion of more space. In this, Naomi explains how mirrors attract abundance and calmness in your home.

Shop our selection of floor mirrors.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are always a few. Fact. There have never been more stylish containers to show off your indoor plants. If you don’t have a green finger, read this article about the 20 hardest-to-kill indoor plants.

Photo Frames

It is a great way to display your most memorable moments. There is a way to do it in a manageable amount; see our tips here.


Please do so if you still need to jump on the crystal train. Whether you believe in crystals’ natural properties, they are a stunning decor item! You can get started with our room-by-room guide on how to use crystals in your home.


We love to channel Nordic vibes in our home with a sheepskin. Sheepskins are beautifully draped over a bench, an occasional chair, or the floor in a cozy nook.


We want to bring back the spotlight on bookends, as it has been a while since they were in the limelight for their decor. You can now find gorgeous bookends in a variety of shapes and sizes. Forget the traditional L-shaped bookends, which are only functional. One of our favorites is the marble step by Stone Basics


Pinboards are available in many shapes and sizes, including hexagonal, circular, or arch-shaped. You can use a pinboard to keep organized and to add style to your home — Mocka sells them, or you could make one yourself. See how interior designer Michelle Hart grouped her pinboards in her office ( view the complete home tour here).


We have never met a basket we did not like! These baskets are great for keeping small items organized, whether they are big or small. Baskets can organize toys in the playroom and keep food packets together in the pantry. Baskets are used in bookshelf stylingbathrooms, and almost any corner of the house. Grab some baskets!

Glass sculptures

We usually think of ceramicists or painters when we think of an artist. Glass artists are talented, and there is no shortage. We love the idea of incorporating glass sculptures in the home. Find intricate or more straightforward designs, like the glass sculptures on the table.


The Block has repeatedly shown us that a stool is an essential part of every bathroom reveal. The perfect place to display bath products and drape towels, stools are the ideal surface. They can also be used as side tables in the living room to provide additional or extra seating. We’ll also use stools in the kids’ playrooms.


Hooks are both functional and stylish. They can be arranged on the wall like art (think Muuto dot). The wall-mounted rack can also give the impression of an entrance in tiny homes that open directly into a kitchen or living room.

Timber decor

Timber decor can be incorporated into any room. A garland made of timber beads for a coastal living room. A timber hand in Scandi style. Timber is a material that has a connection to nature. This is an excellent way to mix up your materials.


A catch-all tray at the entrance of your home is essential for styling. Trays are helpful for many other purposes than just styling. They can be used as an anchor on your coffee table or as a functional tool near your coffee station.

Oil burners and diffusers

It is hard to deny the benefits of diffused oils in the home. Now that brands are catching on, you can find stylish, modern oil diffusers and burners. Start your day with a positive mood by incorporating it into your morning routine.

Chairs for occasional use

It does not matter if you want to create an intimate seating area or fill up a corner in your home. This is more furniture than decor, but sometimes it’s the perfect thing to make a room work.


You already know that we use smaller boxes, storage baskets, and other solutions for hiding items. Canisters can be easily forgotten. You can choose from beautiful ceramic canisters or more modern canisters. These canisters are significant for styling in any style. You can use it to store small office stationery or hold jewelry on your bedside table. It is also great for kitchen vignettes displaying rock salts and sugar.

Drying flowers or branches

For a couple of years, dried floral arrangements became the latest trend. Wait to toss your dried flowers, even though this trend is fading. In their place, dried floral arrangements are now more organic and deconstructed. Take a look below at the beautiful vase of native dried flowers. You could also use branches to create a rustic look. In this article, we share our styling tips for sideboards.

Macrame Anything

Macrame is another trend that’s starting to make a comeback. However, let us not go OTT as we did ten years ago! We love macrame hanging pots or wall hangings in moderation. Macrame is perfect for boho, eclectic and coastal interiors.

Throw rugs

Throws can add layers of style and comfort to any interior. They are an excellent way to repeat your color palette in a room. We always recommend finishing off your bed styling with a throw.


If you have a record player, make sure to display your records! The worn covers of books add character and personality to your home.


We collect magazines. Rather than storing them in cabinets, we place them on a bookshelf. You will find that magazines are more interesting when they are on display. You will discover things you missed or forgot about.

Side tables

This is also technically furniture, but you will understand why we included it. Many different side tables are available in the market, including those with natural stone, wood, and bone inlay. We are more flexible with the ‘go neutral’ rule because side tables are affordable and can be changed up.

Marble trivets

It is no longer available, but you can find similar at Adairs or Freedom. It is unfortunately no longer available, but similar items can be found at Freedom or Adairs. It is safe to say that it is a favorite decor item.

Luxe game board

All the time spent alone has led to a resurgence of game boards. Some really luxurious game boards are available, like a marble board for chess or antique boards that give a room character. You can incorporate them on a table or sideboard in your living room, office, or cupboard.


We have a whole post dedicated to styling your dining room table when you are not eating there. You can use them to create a Vignette for a tall element on a sideboard.

Decorated bowl or plate

More giant decorative bowls can be used to decorate a sideboard or cabinet. They are also great for storing jewelry or salt on your bedside tables. There are also beautiful decorative plates that can be stacked with a stand.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps can fill the room’s corners or add height where the ceiling is low.


If you like the Hamptons or coastal style, coral or shells are a great decor item. If you are concerned about sustainability, some fabulous faux versions are now available.

Wall Shelf

You can display your favorite objects on any wall shelf, whether a circular one with smaller shelves or a timber leather strap shelf. The picture shelf in Gina’s guest bedroom allows for easy artwork changes. The shelf costs less than $20 at IKEA.

Ceramic sculptures or vessels

Who can blame us for our obsession with ceramics? Ceramics are beautiful, made of natural clay or brightly glazed. You can choose a functional piece, like a bowl or candle holder, or buy a sculpture.

Floor runners

This one is similar to rugs, but it is worth a separate point because they are often overlooked. A floor runner can soften hallways, the space between your kitchen island and your kitchen, your laundry room, or even beside your bed. This is another way to introduce texture and pattern into a room.


You may think of coasters as utilitarian items, but you can now find some gorgeous ones that you will want to display all the time! Our favorites are Agate or Marble coasters, but Timber or Concrete is close second.

Boxes for decoration

A decorative box can be made from any material and look good in any room. Choose a box in a material that complements your home’s style. For example, a marble or glass box will look great with a luxurious interior. A natural wood box is also a good option for a more earthy feel.

African Juju Hat

A juju cap could be your room’s hero if you like the global, coastal, or travellust styles. Check out the texture it adds to a room. View the complete home tour here.


We love that a globe can be used in an office or on a bookshelf. There are globes in all sizes and styles.

Glass cloche

Ha ha, you know you are getting fancy when you have a glass cloche in your home. They instantly add style to any room and are very affordable. These glass domes can cover a candle or a delicate object you do not want to dust.


Cowhides are not for everyone, but they can add a more earthy element to your space than most rugs. Interior designers use them in small or awkward spaces like study corners.


Temple & Webster has Australia’s most extensive and affordable range. Temple & Webster has Australia’s most extensive and affordable selection of these hourglasses.

Pot plant stands

Pot plant stands are a firm favorite. These pot plant stands are available in many sizes, colors, and styles. They help to draw the eye upwards. We have also bookmarked this item of home décor Temple & Webster. You will find something to suit your taste and budget, no matter what!

Wick trimmer, also known as a candle snuffer.

A wick trimmer, or candle snuffer, is an excellent low-cost element for creating a styled candle arrangement. Look for a style and finish that fits your theme.

Watering can

It may seem funny, but listen to us! Indoor plants are more popular than ever, and since we know that the secret to keeping them alive involves staying on top of your watering schedule, it is a good idea to display a stylish watering container so you can be reminded when to water them!

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