How to Replace a Deck Joist Hanger

  1. Remove the fallen joist.
  2. Remove the remaining corroded parts of the hanger.
  3. Remove the nails from the deck by removing them from underneath.
  4. Turn the joists 180 degrees so the old nail holes face the ground.
  5. Use a scrap of wood to support the joist.
  6. Screw a few screws in the joist until the hanger is attached.
  7. The hanger should be nailed into place.
  8. Nathan only used an angle bracket on the side opposite the ledger board because there was already a ledge to support the joists.
  9. Nathan used ceramic-coated 2″ screws to reattach deck boards to reinstalled beams.
  10. Replace the rest of the hangers with the new joist hangers.

The following resources are available to you:

Nathan replaced the rotted hangers with Simpson Strong-Tie, 2×8″ Face-Mount Galvanized joist Hangers. These can be purchased at most home centers.

Nathan used a 2″ Deckmate star-drive coated deck screw to resecure the boards. These screws can be purchased at most home centers.


  • Galvanized joist hangers
  • Galvanized steel deck screws

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