How To Mount a Flat Screen TV

Different types of TV mounts

There are three main types of TV mounts – fixed, tilting, and full motion. The best amount depends on your situation.

  • Fixed Mounts work well in situations where there is no obstruction on the wall directly behind the couch. This allows the TV to mount at eye level for seated people.
  • Tilting Mounts can be used in situations where the TV is mounted above a mantle or fireplace. It can tilt downward to improve the viewing angles.
  • Full Motion Mounts are ideal for situations where the seating area is at a slight angle to the wall or if the homeowner wants a little more flexibility.

How to Mount a TV

  1. Select the mounting type and height. The top of the television should not be higher than eye level when standing. If this is not possible, then a tilting or full-motion bracket can be used. Fixed mounts will work in most situations.
  2. Find the studs. Use a stud finder to mark and locate the studs on the wall surface. Mark two studs, and then measure the distance between them. Magnets can also be used, as they will stick to the nails or screws that connect the drywall to studs.
  3. Draw a plumb line on each stud by holding the edge of the level up against it. Mark the location of the holes on the wall bracket by holding it in an upright position.
  4. Drill pilot holes in the studs using a power tool fitted with a standard bit (1/8-inch is sufficient). Mark the locations. These pilot holes prevent heavy-duty lag screws from splitting the studs.
  5. Fit the socket of the lag bolt to the appropriate size on the impact driver, ratchet, or ratchet. Attach the bracket to the wall by placing a washer on the lag bolt, holding the bracket in position, and then attaching the bracket. Repeat the process at each of the four locations.
  6. Then, place the TV on top of the towel. Find the TV brackets and attach them according to the instructions. Some TVs may require multiple brackets, while others might only need one. Attach the brackets using the screwdriver. Use the spacers provided in the kit if the back of your TV is curved or if the hardware is too large.
  7. The TV can be hung on the bracket. There is usually a set screw to clamp the wall bracket and TV bracket together. Make sure you tighten the screw to make sure that your TV is securely hanging.


Kevin and Nathan discuss the different types of TV mounts, including tilting and full motion, and show how to install them. Nathan explains that these features are the general characteristics of these mounts. Different models and colors are available. The next step after deciding on the best mount is to verify that your TV’s specifications are compatible.


  • TV mount kit
  • Towel

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