Best Way to Decorate Column in the Living Room

Columns are important building structures for homes with multiple levels. Columns are essential for a home with two or more levels. They hold the structure up and transfer the weight to the foundation. The architect can often hide the columns behind the walls, but for specific home layouts, they may need to put them in the middle.

Having a column in your living room can be annoying because it can limit and block the space. As mentioned, the Column is essential for the building structure. You cannot remove it because it could endanger your entire house.

Instead of removing the boring Column, you could decorate it and make it look beautiful. This will make your living space with the Column more exciting and attractive. You can use it to perform additional functions and add flexibility to your space.

Our team has created design and decor ideas for a column placed in the middle of the living room. These ideas can inspire you on what you want to do with your Column.

You should be aware that columns can come in rectangular or rounded shapes. In classic architecture, rounded columns are used. Rectangular ones are used more often in modern or minimalist homes. This article will concentrate on decorating the rectangular Column, the most popular Column used in homes today.

Let us get started :

Use Wall Art or Wall Decor Items for Your Column

Use wall art or wall decor in the Column. It is simple, cost-effective, and accessible. Adding wall art or decor items can make your Column look better.

Measuring your column width before buying wall decor is vital to avoid purchasing the wrong size. You can undoubtedly buy large or wide artwork since it will not fit most columns.

You can search for wall decor items to find the ones you like. You can use a variety of items to decorate your Column. Here are some examples:

Cover Columns with Wood Materials

A wood-based element can help to balance any room. The wood will also add a fresh and natural feel to the room, while its texture gives it an artistic touch. It is an excellent option if your room lacks natural elements. Wood can make a big difference by adding ambiance to your space. It will first give your room a natural look that is lacking in your room and then cover up your boring Column so it looks fresher and more attractive.

You can cover your Column in a variety of ways. You can use wood to cover your entire Column or to wrap a part of it. Use your creativity to find the best way to fit your room’s design.

There are also many different wood options. Natural wood is the best option, but if you want to use something else, such as vinyl with a wooden texture, or engineered wood planks, that is also an option.

Make Your Column into a Dining or Bar Spot

This is an excellent idea for those with limited house space who need help fitting a bar or dining table. You can use your Column to create a dining or bar table.

You can achieve this by purchasing a narrow table next to your Column. You can also use a wall-mounted folding dining/bar table, like the one shown in the picture above, to achieve the best results.

You can fold the wall table up when not in use so that it does not take up any space in your home. If you are interested, this is the folding wall table we used to create this design:

Use wall lamp/wall sconce in the Column

Layered lighting is a critical component of interior design. It is essential to creating a stylish interior. A beautiful ambient lighting effect can be created using different lighting layers. This will make any room look more elegant and sophisticated.

A wall lamp can provide additional lighting. You can use your Column to place this type of lamp. This will add more lighting to your room, making an otherwise dull column look much better.

These lamps can also be used as decorative pieces. You can select any wall lamp to match your room’s decor.

You can decorate your Column with the best wall lamps that we have used for our interior design projects.

Use Contrast Colors to Make Your Column Pop

Instead of hiding your Column, make it stand out to add a bolder and more dramatic look to your living space. You can achieve this by painting the Column in a high-contrast color. This color can be bright or colorful or a darker color. Wall paint will make the room look brighter. Darker colors have a more elegant effect.

In this case, we choose the darker option because it will best suit the contemporary modern style we have applied to the room. We chose charcoal dark gray because it blends well with other colors. To achieve a similar look, you can also use other dark colors, such as royal blue, dark green, or brown.

You can also use bright colors like red, blue, or green. This color will add a splash of vibrant colors and richness to your living space.

Transform your Column into a green centerpiece.

You can add some greenery to any room by adding artificial vines, vases, and planters.

This column decor idea will have a positive impact on your living room. It will firstly bring a fresh, natural feel to your living room. It can make a dull and monotonous column more beautiful, and anyone who looks at it will feel that the columns were purposefully created as a decorative space. Many studies have shown that adding a plant to a room will make people feel more relaxed and comfortable when they spend much time in the space.

You can use vases or planters in your room to decorate your Column. You can buy planters or hanging vases with extra money to decorate and cover your Column.

We used the following items to decorate the Column shown in the above image:

Wall Mirrors can be used to decorate columns

Mirrors can be used to decorate your living room columns. Mirrors can achieve more than just a beautiful, elegant column. Mirrors can make any room appear larger and brighter.

This idea can best be applied by wrapping a mirror in a few custom frames, as shown above. This approach is costly and requires some minor renovations.

A ready-to-use wall mirror is the most cost-effective solution. You can mount or hang the mirrors yourself. Your Column will look better than ever.

Here are some examples of wall mirrors that work perfectly in any column:

Keep Columns Unfinished for Industrial Rustic Looks

Why not leave your Column unfinished if you want to bring a rustic or retro feel into your living space? Unfinished columns will look stunning and are perfect for rustic or industrial decor.

You can also add some decorative items to it. But make sure they have a similar rustic, industrial, or retro touch. Rustic lamps and wooden wall art are some items that will blend with the unfinished style column.

Decorate Columns with Marble Stone

The marble stones will give your room a bright, shiny appearance. Cover the columns in the stone to give your decor a luxurious, glamorous look.

This idea is costly. The marble will be expensive, and you will need an expert to install the marble on your Column. You will be rewarded with excellent results for every dollar you spend.

You can choose from various marble styles, colors, and textures for your Column. Choose a style that matches your interior design to ensure they look seamless and are integrated into your living room.

Turn Your Column into a Room Divider

You can also use your Column as a room divider. To make it more personal and private, you can use a room divider to separate your living area from other rooms, such as the dining area.

We used a vertical wood bar between two columns in the example image above to separate the dining and living rooms. We added some space between each wood bar to keep the room looking spacious. Create your column room divider using your creativity.

You can also use a divider that is ready to use. Before buying, choose a divider that fits into the space between the columns. Some room dividers have a design that allows them to be used as shelves. This gives you more storage space for your room and can help organize your decor or accessories.

Decorate Columns in Classic Style With Molding

As we have already mentioned, there are two types of columns: rectangular columns and round columns. In a classic home, a round column will be used. A rectangular column would go well with a minimalistic or contemporary home. It does not necessarily mean you can achieve a classic look with a rectangular column.

A molding trim can make a rectangular column look more antique and classic. Using molding trims, you can transform a plain column into a unique artistic style.

You can select any molding style you like. Using them on the entire Column or only the lower or upper portion was also possible. The above image shows an example of a partially covered column. The molding was only used on the lower and upper parts.

Paint Column in Two-Tone Style

This list’s final column decoration idea involves using a two-tone style of painting your Column. This style will make your Column look more attractive than if you used a single color.

The perfect color combination is crucial to this style. Use two colors of the same tone in a different color, or combine bright or dark colors with neutral shades. Create the perfect color combination that will match the style of your living room.

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