10 Best Floor Color for Gray Walls (Experiment with Images)

What color floor goes with gray walls?

In order to get a solid answer, we tried 30+ (34 for the exact number) flooring options in our test area with a gray-colored wall.

For wood floors, this experiment revealed that light brown, dark brown, and dark gray are all colors that blend well with gray walls. For the tile flooring, white marble, light gray, and black are all colors that work well together.

Here are the results of our two-part experiment.

Gray Walls and Wood Flooring: What Color Floor to Choose?

First, there is wood flooring. We tested and compared different types and colors for wood flooring to determine the five best colors that would work well with rooms with gray walls. Here are the results.

Light Brown Wood Flooring

The light brown color of the wood floors goes perfectly with the gray walls. Walnuts and oak are two types of wood with a similar light brown hue. Combining a light brown floor and gray walls creates an elegant, natural-looking room.

This floor will work well for those who wish to give their room a rustic or classic touch. This combination can be used in many different interior design styles.

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  • Austin Brown Sofa by Lifestyle Solutions
  • Table Contemporary White Glossy Table with LED Lighting by Mecor
  • Artwork Modern Abstract Hand Painted Tree Skeleton painting by V-inspire

White Wood Flooring

White is the next color to match the gray walls. This color can be obtained by painting different types of wood, or you can use white fabricated/engineered wood parquet flooring.

A white floor can also make a small room appear brighter and more prominent.

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  • Sofa Benton Grid Tufted Stone Grey Sofa by ZINUS
  • Black Faux Marble Top Table from Dorel Living Store
  • Side table: Accent Table with Glass Top and Geometric Frame by Madison Park
  • Winter Tree Landscape 3 Piece Canvas by Wall26
  • Table Lamp Solid Wood Table Lamp with White LED by Tomons

Light Natural Wood

Light natural wood is another color that looks great with gray walls. This color will not only make the floor appear brighter, but it also gives the room an impression of natural freshness. This type of flooring will also add warmth to the gray room. This color is found in many kinds of wood. Pine wood is one of the most common.

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  • Table – White Rectangle Wooden Coffee Table with X-Design by eHomeProducts
  • ArtworksLavender Pink Floral Artworks on 3 Panels by Wall26

Dark Wood Floor

Dark wood floors look great when paired with gray walls because they create a strong contrast between the floor and the wall. Dark brown is one of the best colors for dark wood. This color will give the room a more elegant look.

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  • Sofa: Josh Beige 2-Seater Sofa by ZINUS
  • Table Round White Coffee Table with Bronze Gold Legs
  • Artworks: Set Of 6 Leaf Prints Botanical wall Decor – By Haus&Hues

Dark Gray Wood Flooring

The gray walls and dark gray hardwood floors go together perfectly. The dramatic contrast between the flooring and the walls makes the room look more elegant. If you decide to use this type of flooring in your wall room, choose brighter furniture.

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  • Sofa – Brittany sofa Futon with Premium Upholstery by Novogratz
  • Omega White Coffee Table by Convenience Concepts
  • Minimalist Typography by Modern Digital
  • Pendant light: Modern black metal pendant light Fixture by MoTINI

Gray Walls: Best Color Tiles for Gray Walls

We also used tile/marble flooring in our experiment. Here are five tile colors that go well with gray walls:

White Marble Tiles

The white marble tile will look great with gray walls and make the room appear larger and brighter as it reflects a lot more light. The natural marble effect of this type of tile gives the room a luxurious look.

Brown Tiles Flooring

It is well known that brown tiles create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. They also blend perfectly with gray walls.

Light Gray Tiles

This light gray tile will help you create a monochrome look in your room. This combination is elegant and exciting, with a similar color to the walls.

Black Marble Flooring

Black marble is not only elegant, but it also looks classy and stylish. This kind of flooring goes perfectly with the gray walls. Black flooring is a neutral color that can help you choose furniture.

Gray Stone Tile

This dark gray tile is the last color to blend perfectly with a gray wall. This tile is perfect for anyone looking to add a rustic or industrial touch to their room. This gray stone tile is seamless and blends perfectly with the wall because of its similar shade.

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