Gray Floors What Color Walls? Here’s Our Best 10 Color Suggestions

Gray is a neutral color and can be easily blended with any other color. However, it is different when it comes to flooring.

Searching for the perfect wall colors for gray flooring can take time and effort. It is much easier to choose wall paint for another floor. If you have any room inside your house with gray floors, you can feel how difficult it is to find the perfect combination.

Indeed, changing your floor is not a good idea as it would be costly and ineffective. Thus, what you can do is figure out what wall paint can match perfectly with your gray flooring.

Thankfully, we have had much experience creating an interior design with a room that uses gray floors, and in this article, we will share our thoughts and suggestions on the best wall paint color that goes with gray flooring.

Most of our recommendations can work well whatever floor materials you use, from hardwood, laminate wood, vinyl flooring, or even marble tile. However, we will use a gray hardwood floor for the image example.

Let us get started.

Best Wall Color for Gray Floor


The first wall color that compliments grey floors is white. Many people may think that white walls can go well with gray flooring because they are neutral, but that is not the main reason.

We strongly think that white wall paint can match perfectly with gray because it has the perfect contrast ratio while simultaneously complementing each other to make them look flawless.

Any white paint can work well with any gray floor, so you can pick which white you love most, from soft white, ultra white, or even matte white.

These combinations also can be used in any different interior design style, as they can create a gorgeous contemporary style, perfect minimalist decor, elegant modern decor, or even a classy mid-century style.

Light Gray

Most people will avoid this composition, but if you find the perfect light gray that can bring sufficient contrast to your floor, it can create an elegant, stylish monochromatic look.

This approach also works well if you want to add vibrant or colorful accent colors using furniture or decoration items.


Taupe is a mixture of dark gray with brown. Because it has some gray composition, this color can blend well with any gray flooring. This combination is perfect for creating a room with an elegant sanctuary feel in a warm vibe.

This wall and floor combination works even better if you plan to add a lot of wooden materials inside your room, as it will bring some comfy natural ambient into your space.


Misty is light blue with a slightly yellow undertone. This color is famous for bringing a soothing, calm, and relaxing vibe. Providing a more unique and natural ambient rather than any typical light blue shade is a great alternative.

Using misty as a wall paint also can be a great option when you plan to use a blue palette for your furniture, like a stylish blue couch or some artistic blue wall art.

Pale Yellow

To make a bright and vibrant room, go with pale yellow. This shade will still bring some yellowish looks but in a much softer and more natural way.

Using yellow walls for gray floors works excellent to avoid monotonous looks, mainly when most of your furniture uses neutral colors such as white or gray.

Sage Green

The green shade is perfect for you who want fresh looks to enliven your living space. Moreover, sage green is one of the best green shades that work great with gray flooring. This beautiful color brings an elegant twist on a traditional green but still has its calming and natural vibe.

This green with gray undertone is mainly used in any country, classic, or vintage style decor, but you can also use it in modern or contemporary decor.

Smoky Blue

Previously, we suggested a misty blue for you who want to add some blue inside your room. However, if you think more than color is needed, you can choose smoky blue. Smoky blue is a medium blue tone with a slightly gray undertone that will make this color blend flawlessly with our gray floor.

This color is perfect for any room with a smooth, calm, and relaxing ambiance, such as the bedroom.

Dusty Pink

Pink is a versatile color with many different shades that can be used to create different effects, from refreshing, vibrant, or even more subtle ones that can be achieved using a dusty pink shade.

Another advantage of using dusty pink is that it has a gray tone that makes this color can be used with your gray floor. Using this shade of pink also will not make your room feel like a nursery that often faces when using another shade of pink.


Brown is one of the ideal complementary colors, with gray, which is not natural in its earthy color, can help make your space feel elegant and luxurious, but at the same time, bring a relaxing natural feel.

Moreover, it is even better if you use a gray wooden floor with a slightly brown tone that will make them feel flawless.

One big problem with this combination is that it usually produces a dark or gloomy look. So, if you are considering using brown as your wall paint with a gray floor, ensure you have enough natural lighting to avoid those problems.


Finding a perfect contrasting color with a gray floor is difficult, but yellow can be one of the best options to create those effects. A medium-tone yellow can be a perfect choice, especially with gray hardwood flooring.

Using yellow also helps make your space feel more bright and neutralize the floor, especially when using a darker tone of gray for your flooring.

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