7 Houseplant Trends That’ll Be Big In 2023

Adding flowers is the most effective way to spice up your interior decor. There are many varieties of challenging and exotic kinds available in nurseries all over the nation. However, with all the options of plants, picking the best one for your house can be complicated.

As with other design elements, houseplants also feature in our discussion of the trends in 2023. So, what’s coming up for the coming year? We can see that the variegated leaves and trailing plants reign the scene. But it doesn’t stop there. Follow us to get insight into which plants are gaining popularity in interior design.

1. Bold is in

Bold is the new trend. The more imposing, the more impressive. Plants with massive, thick leaves can add color to your décor. Which plants are worth looking at? Ficus, Benjamina, and weeping figs are fantastic choices. Arcea palms or rubber trees are excellent options as well. In addition to adding a thrilling aspect to your home’s decor, These striking plants also make great additions to balconies and terraces.

2. Go for Colorful Foliage

Anthuriums and lily plants are gentle and require little maintenance. This is an excellent option for homes as it helps to eliminate ammonia and xylene in the air. The reddish-pink leaves provide an accent of color when you need it.

Another plant that can bring color to your home is the gold goddess, the philodendron. The yellow lemon leaves could be required to freshen up your décor. White peace lilies are a beautiful variety. Plenty to offer, too.

3. Make Sure They Are Sustainable

Chemical fertilizers and chemical sprays aren’t sustainable options. Therefore, choosing plants that use a coir-based mix rather than peat is best. Regarding pots, stay away from plastic and go for earthenware or Terracotta. The rising awareness about the environment is your chance to improve the environment.

4. Wall Planters Are in

Most of the time, you will find plants in attractive pots or hanging containers. Shelves are another option to display your cactus collection. To move it further, you can try turning your pots on walls. They can enhance the décor of your home, giving the room a distinctive look. Try creepers like money plants or ferns with swords to create a dramatic effect. English Ivy and Philodendron are the other options.

A variety of attractive plant holders for walls are on the market. They’re ideal to provide your plants with a perfect space to call home.

5. Succulents Are Always a Favorite

There’s nothing succulents love more than being left to their own devices. They’re hardy and don’t require much attention. A soil-less blend tailored to their needs is the most suitable solution. Be sure to know the requirements of the plant before bringing it home. Furcraea and agave are two of the most sought-after choices. The Haworthias rosettes are stunning and an excellent choice for your collection.

6. Plant Holders Matter Too

A suitable holder can also transform the look of your plants and your home’s decor. An array of attractive containers can be found in stores; finding the best one isn’t a problem. Teapots from the past, watering cans, and coffee mugs can make beautiful planters, too. Therefore, go through your kitchen before pulling out your bag for a trip to the store.

7. Terrariums Charm

These stunning globes are genuinely masterpieces of design. You will get attractive plants for your house, but incredible content includes a variety of pebbles, plants, and land and composites to add elegance to your window or coffee table seat.

To ensure it is done correctly To get it right, put the gravel in the bottom of the glass container. The layer of sand or compost comes after that. The succulents are great for terrariums. However, excessive water can cause root rot, so they should be left alone. Tips: Avoid extreme heat or direct sunlight for your planter.

Final Thoughts

It is best not to get too extravagant regarding exotic plant species requiring attention. Pick hardy plants like pothos, philodendrons, or snake plants.

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