DesignDossier: Can Minimalism Work In Indian Homes?

We are always looking to fill our living spaces with things, whether souvenirs from our travels or odd pieces of furniture we can’t resist purchasing from the sale sales in the nearby mall.

Yes, we’re a luxuriant bunch. When we let our gaze wander over our more-is-more design philosophy, it can be challenging to get used to the concept of minimalism.

What is the point of minimalism? Is it even feasible in the context of an Indian home? Furthermore, is the sterile and uninspiring concept of ‘less is more’ something we want? It’s not that difficult to find a way to get between the two without disturbing your aesthetics. These suggestions and tricks will assist you in finding the perfect balance. Let’s take a look.

A Sense of Space with Neutrals

Pure white is the best way to achieve an elegant style. If you are worried that it’s challenging to do, opt for neutral shades instead. Shades of taupe, beige, and greys provide a room with an enveloping look without causing an excessive style. To bring life to your interior, select a variety of dried arrangements or plants to create a more exciting look.

Add a Pop of Colour if Neutrals Seem Boring

The vibrant and bright colors are the hallmarks of Indian culture. Therefore, settling for boring neutrals is challenging to take in. But you can have all the cakes and still eat them by incorporating an element of bright color into your neutral décor. This could include something as simple as a throw rug, cushions, wall art, or a cabinet painted with bright colors to spice up the look.

You can even use vibrant wall colors that go well with the neutral colors within specific sections of your room.

Declutter Your Space

Decluttering does not have to be complicated. The aim is to get rid of unwanted items in your residence. Things that have been through a rough time should be placed in the trash bin. Shoes, magazines, or backpacks can overflow the space. Finding the right place for them will be the following step. After the mess is cleared from the area, you can decide what you’d like to do with these items of artifacts and memorabilia. Larger pieces will work better than clutter of small, unimportant things.

Create Drama for less wall Art.

Gallery-style pictures and hat or shell collections displayed on walls can be attractive. For a more minimalist design, single bold pieces are a fashion statement without clogging the walls. Try elegant Mirrors, Macrame wall hangers, or monochrome artwork repeating on the other wall for an overall look.

Avoid Large Units

In the past, big wall units were the trend. Nowadays, they’re outdated news at the very best. Therefore, you should leave it out unless you can achieve a minimalist appearance with a plain set and a few flashy frills. Instead, choose minimalist television cabinets or even wall-mounted sets. If you require storage space, opt for closed shutters or shelves for your books.

Say it using GlasGlassss is a beautiful way to create the impression of space. The sun’s rays coming through windows can add to the beauty. There are various ways to use this feature. GlassGlass is transparent inside the bathroom and ideal for shower stalls, mainly if the space isn’t large enough. In the home, glass is used for tabletops or sectioned glass partitions that can be used to improve your decor and not obstruct the area.

Refurbish Old Furniture

Replace the shabby furniture you got from your grandmother by adding some paint and a new sofa. The goal is to create an illusion of space,  and heavy furniture can enlarge the area, making it appear smaller.

Final Thoughts

Giving your home a fresh appearance is a fun experience and not expensive, especially when you don’t need to blow your budget to purchase new items. When you get your head in the game, you’ll think of many suggestions to give your house a fantastic minimalist transformation.

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