Chinese Wool Rugs Cleaning

Expert Chinese Rug Cleaning Services

There are two main types of rug: those made with modern machines or those woven by hand. Cleaning chinese wool rugs are in the second category. In a matter of minutes, machines can produce many rugs with identical looks. They are not as beautiful or valuable as hand-woven rugs.

Chinese rugs reflect a deep and broad Asian influence. They have a deep cultural heritage, excellent manufacturing skills, and consummate art achievement.

Chinese Rug Fiber Content

Chinese rugs can also be called silk rugs. A silk rug can only contain a small amount of silk. A rug’s value will increase the more silk it contains. Silk rugs are very soft. Silk rugs have a soft texture and beautiful sheen.

Silk fibers are more delicate than traditional wool fibers and require more care. Due to the additional care required and the cost of the material, many “silk rug” blends are made of silk and wool or silk and cotton. Cleaning is affected by the quality, condition and type of the yarn.

How to Care for Chinese Rugs

Every Chinese rug owner has a specific purpose. Some are decorative only. Some are decorative and protect the floors. No matter what purpose, rugs must be kept clean and free from dust. It is best to leave the job to professionals. Routine cleaning can extend the life of your Chinese rug. Expert technicians are trained to provide high-quality service.


First rugs must be inspected. Cleaning methods will depend on the type of rug, the damage (e.g. cigarette burns) and the nature of the stains. All rugs must be vacuumed, washed and dried. The washing process varies depending on the fiber content.

After inspections and other determinations have been made, the rug is dry-dusted. Dust particles found between the fibers or in the areas where wefts and rug welts meet will be removed. These particles are not removed by ordinary vacuuming.

All rugs should be soaked for as long as is necessary. The rug must then be thoroughly brushed, including the fringe.

Rinsing is done with care to reduce the risk of compromising color or sensitive fibers.

Flat drying is used to reduce shrinkage, curling or compromise the rug’s form.

Silk rugs add a special touch of elegance to a home. Silk fibers are extremely resilient and very durable. Silk rugs can be stretched and resized due to their resilience.

These rugs are also delicate and require a different cleaning approach than regular cotton or wool rugs. This material is easy to stain. Chinese rugs are often placed in rooms that are rarely used. This is the best way for them to stay clean. Regular traffic can cause damage to the rug’s embroideries and color fading. These are not situations that can be fixed.

Silk rug owners may choose to display their rugs on the wall as decorative art, rather than on the floor. These rugs can be more expensive than other functional household items so it is best to have professionals clean them.

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