What Should You Choose For Your Home: Matte Finish Or Glossy Finish?

Deciding on the best design elements for your home can be challenging, particularly when they have a distinct aesthetic. This is particularly true when faced with a matte or glossy finish problem.

Yes, it’s a hard decision to make. You’ll be better positioned to choose once you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages of these two styles; what would it be, a simple matte style or a glam interior? These little bits of knowledge will help you decide.

Matte Finish is in Trend

This style’s rough and rough look is attractive and a favorite choice among home decorators. It’s the perfect complement to the latest trends, like limestone floors and limewash walls, making it a popular alternative. Because it does not reflect light, it perfectly matches natural décor. With modern design preferences inclined toward all-natural materials, matte is an excellent option for home decor. What are the benefits of this type of finish? Let’s discover.

The Pros

  • It’s washable. Therefore, it’s a good option if you’ve children or pets constantly drooling around.
  • Scratches don’t seem as prominent, and when your cat is scratching, there’s no need to fret.
  • It is elegant and sleek and is the perfect option for luxurious spaces.

The Downside

  • Since it has a rough surface and is not reflective, it won’t reflect light, making your room appear smaller.
  • Mattes with rough texture can be dust collectors and aren’t easy to remove.


  • A mix of shades adds a dimension to your interior and can make the matte appear more vibrant.
  • Certain matte surfaces are more rough than others and can be difficult to remove. Therefore, choose smoother surfaces to ensure better maintenance.

Glossy Finish: What it’s All About

Glam finishes have captured the attention of designers if the recent trends are anything to be taken from. This trend was noticed mainly in the kitchen backsplashes with glossy finishes or high-gloss tiled bathrooms. This reflective high-gloss material promises an elegant and stylish appearance if used correctly. What are the advantages? Let’s look them up.

Pros of Glossy Finish

  • Since they reflect light, your space will appear more significant than it is.
  • The smooth and satiny surface is simple to wash. All you require is a clean, dry cloth to complete the task.
  • The gloss accentuates the vibrant hues of your colors. The clarity of the colors will take your design to the next level. Also, be wild with bright colors!

What’s the Downside?

It’s challenging to hide dirt or fingerprints as the glossy surface makes them visible.

Scratches are visible and can ruin the appearance of your surfaces.

Dark hues are the most difficult to maintain since the imperfections are more prominent.


Dark and glossy materials are best in higher cabinets since they’re not easy to access, mainly when pets and children are around.

Where the Twain Shall Meet

If you want to get your cake and have it all, consider an edgy look, applying a mix of matte and glossy finishes to accentuate the style. Here’s how to do it:

  • You can try alternating matte and glossy shutters for your kitchen cabinets to give them a different look.
  • The home backsplash can be glossy and has a matt border or reverse
  • The verticals of polished tiles paired with matt or patterned tiles could dramatically impact your bathroom.
  • Make matte tile flooring take on a contrasting position with glossy furniture.
  • Glacier splashes in sporadic intervals with textured finish curtains for your wardrobe are an excellent way to improve the look of your bedroom décor. You can play around with the proportions of gloss and matte based on your preferences.

Summing Up

Colors, textures, and finishes give an intriguing flavor to any room. Creating an elegant and distinctive decor is possible if you can find the proper equilibrium and design. But getting the balance right isn’t always straightforward, particularly if you’re an amateur. If you want to get it right, it is always possible to contact us. We’ll help you through the procedure. Log into Homebliss for other exciting home design ideas.

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