How To Give The Bathroom Of Your Rental Home An Upgrade

The process of transforming your rental is a thrilling experience. You can include a few couches, beds, or units to give your home its identity. However, things aren’t so straightforward in the bathroom. A complete remodel isn’t feasible or feasible.

But you don’t need to let your boring bathroom make you miserable. All you require is a little imagination and some suggestions and tricks to breathe new life into your bathroom decor. Skeptical? But you don’t need to be. Learn more and discover how you can make the impossible possible.

Vignettes for a Spa Effect

Your empty counter space deserves attention. We suggest you create a Vignette to give it an inviting feel. Additionally, you don’t need to spend a dime to accomplish this. Find trays or baskets from your home storage, and create an attractive vignette by putting in scent-laden pine cones, candles, or even small potted plants. Creating a unique cake made of soap, essential oils, and towels is possible. To elevate it to an extra level, you can add bags of towels if space is available. A laundry basket under the counter and on your side can beautify the spa theme.

Light it Up

Light bulbs that are standard and tube-shaped aren’t imaginative enough. To take the design to a new step, invest in some upscale lighting fixtures, whether they are ceiling or wall fixtures. Use the power outlets already in place to avoid using the invasive wires. To prevent accidents, stay clear of hanging lighting in the shower space. Lighting is a sure way to give some luxury to your bathroom.

Appealing Shower Curtains

Shower curtains enhance the look of your bathroom and cover old or stained tile work. The trick is picking one of the colors, like green or blue, and choosing the shades on your shower curtains, towels, and bathmat to have a consistent and elegant look. Since these amenities do not require construction work, you won’t need to be concerned about causing trouble for your landlord.

Decadent Decals


Decals are easy to install and will transform the appearance of your bathroom in a matter of minutes. You can pick random locations or small floral borders to create more impact. However, precision is critical, so it is recommended to take the time to put them up.

Wall Art

One of the best ways to amp up your bathroom is by setting on a few quaint weaving plates, watercolors, or flower-shaped frames pressed in the bathroom. Yes, we’ve heard. Drilling is a no-no in the majority of bathroom rentals. However, it’s not all lost. Consider hanging strips that are removable to display your work. Also, consider using small frames to ensure the tape can withstand the burden.

Does it use Mirrors?

Every bathroom worthy of its name has mirrors. All you need to do is upgrade the usual mirror with a more stylish one. There is a broad choice of options online that will fit any budget. Make sure you pick an identical mirror size as the first to avoid the possibility that the tiles behind your mirror could be stained or damaged.

Change the Hardware

It could be complicated as you’ll require the permission of your landlord. But let’s face that you’re not planning to bring these items with the rest of your possessions, so it’s an ideal situation for you and your landlord. Consider fancy copper or brass hardware to get a stylish appearance if they’re within your budget. Shiny steel is also a good choice. Be sure to continue the theme by adding towel rings and shower curtain rails made of the same material.

If you are attached to the brass taps, take them with you when you move and replace them with new ones.

Summing Up

If you have a little creativity, it is possible to transform the bathroom of your rental property without a lot of hassle. Furthermore, based on your bathroom’s style and size, you can think of creative ways to personalize it.

For all bathroom decor ideas, why not check out Homebliss? Our unconventional ideas will help you to improve your home as well!

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