The 17 Best Doormats Of 2023

Doormats are a must-have item for each home. The most effective doormats can enhance your home’s decor by removing dirt from the floors, adding brightness to areas, and providing a splash of color to an otherwise dull base. “Doormats make a first impression on guests and reflect a welcoming Southern hospitality,” said Susan Jamieson, principal, and owner of Bridget Beari Designs in Richmond, Virginia.

We spent hours looking for the top doormats and assessing them based on their materials design, style, and ease of cleaning. We also had a conversation with Jamieson, who provided helpful tips on choosing functional and stylish doormats.

Best Overall Doormat

L.L. Bean Woodland Leaf Heavyweight Recycled Waterhog Doormat

Made by the U.S.A., made of 90% recycled polyester, The Waterhog doormat is designed to keep your floors dry all year. The mat can accommodate up to 1.5 Gallons of rainwater for each square foot, with raised edges that help keep the moisture in check. Additionally, the thick and thin fibers assist in removing dirt and grime. Unlike doormats made of coir, these fibers aren’t prone to breaking under heavy boots. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about mildew, shed staining, or fade since the product is waterproof against all four.

It’s one of the tiniest doormats we’ve reviewed, which means it has plenty of room for your door. However, its robust design ensures it won’t break when it blows. Also, it comes in three distinct sizes to suit various front doors. It is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

L.L. Bean’s Waterhog mats are available in a variety of patterns. However, we love this Woodland Leaf pattern because it’s stylish and classy compared to some of the more minimalist designs of the brand. The mat comes in six earth tones that fit well with various colors. Although it’s not machine washable, it is easy to clean using a vacuum, broom, or hose.

Best Budget Doormat

Gorilla Grips Low Profile Rubber Doormat

This doormat is not only among the cheapest of our selections and is extremely practical. Its design is an elevated fabric designed for scraping dirt, moisture, and debris from your footwear. The doormat’s backing is constructed of high-quality recycled rubber, which means it stays in place while scraping your boots or shoes. Additionally, the low profile ensures it lets any door easily pass through it.

Although the doormat is quite economical, it does have characteristics that our more expensive options do not. It’s stain and fade-resistant. It is suitable for heavy rainfall or in areas that receive direct sunlight. It is possible to vacuum, shake or sweep away dirt and debris off the mat for a simple and quick clean. You can also spot-clean or use a garden hose for more thorough cleaning. The mat comes in five different sizes as well as various colors.

Best Splurge Doormat

Ruggable Blossom Multicolor Doormat

One of the reasons that this doormat costs more is due to its dual-piece system. It consists of a mat in rubber and an enclosure for the carpet. The covers can be removed, too, and if you buy an additional doormat from Ruggable, you can swap your carpet as often as you like. The covers are made to order, reducing waste. It is not only impervious to weather. However, the ink used on the doormat cover is U.V. resistant to ensure that colors don’t fade. To clean it, clean, shake, or wash your mat regularly. You could even put the carpet in the washer for a more thorough cleaning. Then air dry or tumble dry the rug.

The mat is made of 100% rubber and is shielded from moisture and mildew. There are a few options for cleaning the carpet made of rubber. Rinse it using a hose or spot-clean it, then let it dry in the air. The mat cover can be swapped out. An innovative feature; however, buying a new mat will cost you nearly twice the cost of purchasing one of the less expensive doormats we chose.

Best Personalized Doormat

Pottery Barn Personalized Seasonal Icon Doormats

These doormats for the season are available from Pottery Barn and can be personalized with your address, name, or monogram. You can also pick any illustrated symbol options matching the season. The only color that can be used for the text is black. However, it adds a more straightforward and traditional look to the front doormat. Hand-woven from coir, the doormat is 100 % organic and sustainable and repels mildew and mold.

The most effective method to clean this mat is to brush or shake it to remove debris and dirt. It is suggested to clean the carpet regularly to ensure that the carpet maintains its original look and function. However, the act of shaking or brushing it will suffice. The manufacturer further states that if you observe any loss of Coir fibers, that is normal. The loss should diminish after the first month.

Because it’s a coir doormat, It is essential to be protected from direct sunlight and excessive humidity. The mat will likely not work in incredibly humid areas with a lot of rain. Another drawback to this mat would be that it can only put up to nine characters. So even if you have a more lengthy name, you might require an initial on your doormat instead of your name.

Best Indoor Doormat

Porte + Hall The Insider Doormat

Porte + Hall’s Insider Doormat is a head-turner. The mat is available in more than 12 patterns, from geometric to leopard print. The doormat is the tiniest of our choices and has a thickness of 0.1 inches, meaning it can fit in most homes’ doorways. It also comes with anti-slip backing and doesn’t require rug mats to keep it in its place. The middle layer of the carpet is made out of moisture-absorbing polypropylene/polyethylene, helping to protect your flooring from water damage.

The mat is stain-resistant as well as anti-fray. To make cleaning easy, the brand suggests shaking the carpet rather than vacuuming it. Vacuuming the Insider Doormat could result in fraying or damage to fibers if your brush rotation settings are not set to the highest. For a thorough doormat cleaning, you require a high-pressure hose – this is the most effective method to clean up stains off the mat. After cleaning the carpet and allowing it to dry, let it air dry. If you don’t own a garden hose or one with the highest pressure level, you might not be able to get rid of the stain completely.

Best Monogram Doormat

Frontgate Magnolia Branch Door Mat

The hand-hooked mat has the blooming magnolia motif set within the monogram to add a personal accent. It is available in two colors that are black and blue, and the magnolia floral design appears vibrant in both shades. The doormat’s surface is 100% polypropylene yarns. The yarns are strong enough to withstand staining, mold, mildew, and U.V. radiation. They are also suitable for use indoors or outdoors. If you plan to take it outside, The manufacturer suggests adding rug pads ( sold separately) beneath for more excellent water absorption and to stop the doormat from sliding. If you want to clean your doormat, you can clean it spot-on using water or spray it using an outdoor hose. Select between two sizes. Both are bigger than the typical doormat, adding to their stunning appearance.

Best Jute Doormat

Pottery Barn Three Stripe Jute Doormat

This Three Stripe Jute Doormat is an excellent blend of function and relaxed design. Similar to a few of our other selections, they are also woven by hand; however, unlike the different choices, the Three Stripe Doormat has the backing of latex (as opposed to rubber). This mat, available in black or white stripes, is designed to function as an element of layering, which means it can be placed on top of a larger mat or a doormat. Knowing that the carpet can shed a lot upon arrival is essential. The shed usually ceases after a while, and a thorough brushing or shaking of the rug can help keep its appearance. Be aware that there are better choices than this doormat made of jute for direct sunlight. If your carpet is exposed to sunlight for too long, its look and purpose will deteriorate.

Most Durable Doormat

Entryways Bootscrapers Striped Recycled Rubber and Coir Doormat

This Entryways Bootscrapers doormat is practical in every sense. It’s tough enough to withstand the harsh scraping of heavy-duty shoes and boots. It also stands up to water or heavy rains. Additionally, the mat guards against buckling or cracking, which means that the coir is in good shape and will not break down over time.

The mat isn’t recommended for indoor use since it was designed to withstand all year-round outdoor mold, mildew, and the weather. Additionally, it could not be suitable for flooring indoors. However, the good thing is that it works great with all kinds of outdoor flooring, including concrete, tile, marble stone, linoleum brick, and laminate. To clean, shake or sweep it or rinse it off.

Easiest Doormat to Clean

SlipToGrip Universal Doormat

Maintaining your doormat’s condition shouldn’t be a problem. This SlipToGrip Universal doormat can be cleaned in a variety of methods: You can throw it into the washer or give it a shake, then vacuum it or even use the garden hose. It’s also possible to place the mat on the drying rack for 5 minutes to preserve its appearance and eliminate wrinkles. When you receive the doormat, the dryer is suggested to ensure that the shipping process causes no creases or wrinkles.

While mats can hold dirt, the dirt will be evident on lighter-colored mats. A darker color like brown or black is ideal for those who don’t need to clean their carpet frequently. If your style and tastes are similar to the taupe and khaki shades, ensure you are prepared to wash and clean.

Best Doormat for Pets

Muddy Mat Microfiber Door Mat

This entrance mat, made of microfiber, wipes the paws of dirt as they enter the door. Unlike other doormats, this one is comfortable for your pet to walk onto. It also has an excellent water absorption capacity, taking in more than five times the weight. This is a tremendous relief for pet owners, particularly the case where your pet dribbles lots of water or is injured in the house. It’s also non-slip, so you don’t have to be concerned about your pet’s speedy moves changing the position of the mat. While this mat isn’t stain-resistant, it’s machine washable. For added fluff, apply a fabric softener to make your carpet feel new after every wash.

Best Doormat for Kids

The Company Store Summer Novelty Coir Mats

Who doesn’t like dogs wearing sunglasses? The Summer Novelty Coir Mat is an adorable doormat away from our traditional and elegant choices. It’s available in four exciting themes for summer. Natural coir was created by skilled craftsmen who were trained to employ “a century-old weaving technique.” Coir is abrasion-resistant, meaning the vibrant artwork and colors will remain in good shape. It’s 30 by 18 inches. It’s a perfect size for small children (although it is available in an ordinary 36-by-24-inch version too). To provide extra security for your kids, you can purchase rug mats to place under the doormat. It is ideal for places with a lot of water, yet it isn’t slippery.

This mat is suggested for covered entryways, mudrooms, and outdoor areas. A direct sunray on the carpet could affect its appearance and cause its function to diminish. Even though it’s fade-proof, placing the rug in the open will increase the speed of fade.

Best Doormat for Wet Weather

Gorilla Grip Ultra Water Absorbent Door Mat

The Gorilla Grip mat is ideal for your house in a rainy climate. They can accommodate up to 1.7 Cups of water and not lose their functionality or absorption. The mat’s “water dam border” and the absorbent polyester material on its surface make the water capacity possible. The border of the water dam has grooves that run between each square on the mat. These grooves help the carpet absorb excess moisture and water. The tracks also stop water from flowing across the rug to your flooring or the outside of your property. If you’re experiencing strong winds that blow water onto your patio or get soaked by a sudden storm, it will absorb all the moisture. It’s also ideal for snow and will trap dirt and grime from heavy boots.

The mat is stain- and fade-resistant and can withstand direct sunlight, dirt, mud, and much more. However, the colors for this mat are muted. If you are okay with the muted look of the colors, this is one of the best mats. However, if you’re looking for energy, style, and personality, consider different mats to choose from.

Best Doormat for Sand

The Rope Co. Doormat

Made from the same durable rope that lobstermen use, The Rope Co. Doormat is perfect for areas with sandy beaches where you must clean your shoes or feet at the entrance. This doormat can keep its function and quality regardless of extreme temperatures and U.V. radiation. It is made of UV protection, so the colors of the mat will remain vibrant and more resistant to fade. Additionally, the doormat is also a deterrent to insects. It is important to remember that because it’s hand-woven, the exact dimensions of the mat could vary by as much as 2 inches. If you use the carpet on a smoother surface, it will require an anchor or rug mat to ensure it’s safe to place on non-skid surfaces.

For those who reside in the South, It is suggested to select the darker doormat. The company says lighter colors will likely fade in areas with more sunshine, such as the South. The darker hues, like black spruce, charcoal, and navy, will last longer in direct sunlight.

Best Heavyweight Doormat

Durable Corporation Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

The doormat by Durable Corporation is the only one of our doormats that is made from recycled tire links. Most of our choices are made from polyester or coir; however, this mat is unique and eco-friendly. While it’s designed to look like carpet, this mat is designed for outdoor use and can withstand all dirt, debris, rough weather, and much more.

Although the doormat has a fake carpet, it’s pretty simple. In contrast to our more colorful doormats, however, this one does not have any patterns or designs. Cowards can be used for two purposes: decoration and functionality. This doormat to decorate will only work for homes with an edgier color scheme. If you value the function over the style, you’ll be satisfied with this mat.

Best Cotton Doormat

Leevan Durable Outdoor Doormats

This washable cotton doormat catches dust from your house and feels comfortable on your feet. The coward is boho-inspired designs that bring a stylish touch to your living area, bathroom, bedroom, front door, or patio.

The fabric is made of cotton, which helps in cleaning. It can be machine washed. However, please don’t put the doormat in the dryer since it’ll shrink. Air drying is advised to keep the doormat in a top state. It is also possible to use vacuum cleaners to wash it.

While the mat is advertised as “outdoor,” you can utilize it indoors too. Because this mat is made of cotton, it will be less durable and practical than our selections made from coir or rubber. The drawn lines of the boho style will catch dirt and dust from your shoes. However, this mat can be more of a decorative than a practical piece. However, its soft appearance and feel will surely impress.

Best Doormat With a Message

CozyBounty Door Mat

The CozyBounty Doormat is designed to be straightforward with classic messages like “welcome,” “hello,” and “home.” The doormat is an excellent choice for front doors indoors or out. The mat’s message is embossed to prevent the carpet from fading, which means you can utilize your carpet in shady or sunny areas. The doormat’s surface is made of raised polypropylene fabric which can trap more dirt and other debris off your shoes. The submitted material also stops water and moisture from flowing through the mat onto your flooring. For cleaning, shake the carpet to remove any dirt or other debris, or use a vacuum cleaner for more thorough cleaning. If the doormat is stained, however, you could use the garden hose.

The only issue with this doormat is the style. It’s classic and simple; however, the only colors are gray or black with a white cursive font. It’s towards the plain side and is not the ideal mat for people who wish to brighten their spaces or bring more colors to their homes.

Best Customizable Doormat

Letterfolk Tile Mat

Its Letterfolk Tile Mat is the most flexible mat we have listed (and it’s also one of our most fashionable). Removable tiles let you spell phrases, such as your name or a welcome message, or arrange them into patterns or illustrations. The mat is available in black, white clay, and dark green hues. For the white and black carpet, you receive 150 black tiles you can use in any way you want. However, you can buy additional tile colors independently. The mat comes in two sizes in addition to a half-moon version.

The mat is constructed of a flexible rubber-like material, making it simple to transport and move. This mat is suggested to be placed in areas with low to medium foot traffic. It is not an indoor doormat designed for extreme weather conditions, such as snow or the harsh scraping of boots. To clean the mat, the manufacturer suggests cleaning it using dish soap and a scrubbing brush. The disadvantage of this mat is that it can easily be stained. The company states in the description that any liquid that stains fabrics will likely stain this mat. The rug is well in areas with less humidity and less chance of getting stained. Although the carpet is susceptible to staining the floor, you can take them off of the doormat and place them into the dishwasher.

The Bottom Line

Our top pick overall is the L.L. Bean Woodland Leaf Heavyweight Recycled Waterhog Doormat is ideal for those looking for an elegant, functional, timeless design. The mat is produced in the U.S.A. and made of recycled polyester, which keeps the floor dry. Our top budget option is this Gorilla Grips Low-Profile Rubber Doormat is a great value that helps scrape dirt off and absorb moisture from the soles of shoes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Doormat


The material used in a doormat is one of the most important factors influencing your buying decision. We’ve listed various options for the materials we recommend, including coir, polyester rope, cotton rubber, jute, polypropylene vinyl, and many more. The material you select to make your mat will depend on how you plan to use your doormat. For instance, if you are searching for a coward, especially for your pet (like one called the Muddy Mat Microfiber door mat Mat or pet Rug), then you shouldn’t choose the same type of doormat for someone seeking a more rough surface for heavy debris or sand.

When looking at the products, it is also essential to look at the back of the doormat. The doormat’s surface is as important as the bottom of the mat. Certain doormats are more effective on non-slip surfaces. These doormats will not work on slippery floors and will require rug pads. If you want to save cost, determine if your mat has an anti-slip backing to ensure it stays in its place.


It is essential to ensure the mat’s width and length align with your door frame (or, at a minimum, be close). If you buy a carpet that needs to be bigger, it may not provide enough room to wash your feet and could appear awkward. Measuring the doorway and then comparing it to the length and width of the doormat you’d like to select is suggested. If the doormat is placed under your door, you’ll have to consider the thickness. If the coward gets too heavy, it may catch on your door.


It is essential to follow the instructions for care before deciding on an appropriate doormat. Most cowards can easily be vacuumed, shaken, swept, or hosed off. However, certain types can be spot-cleaned or washed in the washer.


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