Tackling a Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re in the kitchen making vegetables, your eyes brimming with tears. Then, suddenly it comes to you. There’s nothing in the onion that make you cry. It’s your kitchen.

It’s old. It’s blah. It’s the same thing you’ve seen for too long to keep track of.

What can you do? A full-on kitchen remodeling project can be very expensive and complicated. (Any divorce lawyer will tell you that huge kitchen renovations are good for business.) However, there’s an option to beat the kitchen blues. The BCR is the answer.

It’s important to remember that the Big Cheap Redo shouldn’t drain your savings or damage your marriage. A successful BCR is a combination of creativity, research and planning, not a huge savings account.

DIY Kitchen Makeover: Go Cheap or Go Home

Start your low-cost, low stress remodeling with a bargain of magazines that you can purchase from your favorite used bookshop. Make an ideal BCR move and get one step lower by spending a few hours at the library browsing through the magazines.

The most useful tool included in the Big Cheap Redo kit is precisely where you are today, in the web of World Wide Web. There are plenty of creative cheap ideas on many websites, ranging from Pinterest and DoItYourself.com. Create an BCR file on your PC, open the search engine of your choice by typing in the phrase “kitchen remodel cheap” and prepare for lots clicks and savings.

The Starting Line

There’s a faster, less expensive method to go from “I hate my life!” and to “I love my new kitchen!” more than a splash of color. Fresh paint can transform your boring life into something spectacular without needing to get another loan. If you aren’t able to upgrade the cabinets, paint them. If you prefer, go with a minimal approach and paint the back of the cabinets to make the visual appeal every when you open the door.

Countertops, backsplash, and tiles
Hate your dingy, dinged-up old countertops? Try a quick search to find local businesses that offer construction materials that are surplus. Visit the closest Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a charitable clearance store that sells brand new or gently used equipment as well as home and construction materials.

If your budget isn’t able to extend enough to pay for new countertops, concentrate instead on replacing the backsplash in order to add new texture and color to affordable kitchen makeovers in Brisbane.

Cabinet doors
On? Or off? In the case of doorways to cabinets, you choose. Take a look at removing one door to see if are happy having cups, dishes and glasses in the open. If you’re not happy then you can replace the doors and begin searching for the perfect paint or design element that will make old cabinets look more attractive.

Hardware and handles
Talk about low-cost thrills! Designer hardware that is high-impact can be available everywhere. No matter if you’re online shopping or in craft or hardware stores, or at estate sales or thrift stores Finding the ideal drawer pulls at a bargain is more enjoyable than the hunt for treasure.

Sinks and faucets
Building surplus stores and non-profits like ReStore could help you get an affordable upgrade to a kitchen sink. Additionally, you can spend time looking through websites like DealYard, FaucetDirect and Overstock.

Do you want to save even more money? If you’re patient and perseverance, you can get a benefit from an individual’s big Cheap Redo. Visit websites such as Craig’s list and NextDoor to locate estate sales and garage sales happening in your area. Both websites offer the “free items” page, as well. It’s impossible to predict what will pop up, so don’t stop clicking!

Do you not have the money to buy new counterstools or kitchen chairs? Paint them or give them a fresh look by adding new cushions or upholstered. If you’re artistic and crafty inclined, you could transform the similar kitchen table with new stain or paint and stencils, or even play with a glass or tile mosaic.

One of the most efficient and easiest ways to change the appearance in your kitchen area is to alter the lighting. Different types of bulbs can make a the world of difference in an area. In addition, surplus and discount stores typically have lighting fixtures, ceiling fan, and basic utility lights at affordable cost. The puck lights (shaped in the shape of hockey balls) are ideal for dark areas, and they are powered by batteries, meaning there is no need for an electrician. The bulbs of puck lighting are made of LEDs which means they last for a long time and don’t overheat. Rope lights, which are also LEDs, are yet another affordable option to add warmth and light in your home.

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