Planning An Extension With No Experience

The best investment is to extend your home. The majority of homeowners are unaware of their home’s design, construction, and architecture.

It’s easy to make mistakes or spend too much money if you are not informed. We have worked with many different architects to design and plan extensions.


Which are the types of extensions you can install on your home?

Any structure added to a house is an addition. A new bedroom, living area, basement, or loft can be added.

Extensions can be one or two stories high. The extensions can be anything from garage roof extensions and conservatories to multi-story additions with bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchenettes.

Do you require planning permission for an extension to your home?

You don’t usually need planning permission for an extension to your home.

Contact your local planning authority if you’re unsure. This is usually the council. The council can tell you how the program works and if your house qualifies. You can ask the council if you need to pay any fees or submit a formal application.

Do I need planning permission to extend a listed house?

You will need both planning permission and a listed-building approval if you wish to make changes to your listed home. This is illegal. Ask the conservation officer if your home is subject to any restrictions.

Is planning permission required to extend my home in a conservation area?

Permitted development rules apply if your home is located in a conservation zone, such as a World Heritage Site or National Park. These rules are more restrictive.

Local authorities will examine the design process. Plan an extension. Contact the Conservation Officer at your local planning authority immediately. Home Building Guide has more information.

Do you need an architect for a house extension?

Keep it simple.

An architect isn’t necessary if you plan to build only a simple brick-and-mortar structure or conservatory. If you need a unique design or something elaborate, then it is best to hire an architect.

Is there a restriction on the placement of toilets when adding a room to your home

No longer. The Building Regulations required that space between the bathroom and any other room be created. This requirement has been removed.

Showers must also meet the minimum requirements set out in the Regulations.

Should I tell my neighbors about my plans to extend my home?

Legally, you are only required to notify your neighbors if your plans will change the boundary of your property. It is considered common courtesy to inform your neighbors of any construction plans.

Be ready, especially if your family includes small children.

Make sure your neighbors are happy so that you can avoid any issues with the project.

Extensions with the right to light

Even if you have a planning permit or your development has been approved, your neighbors can prevent you from building an addition. The neighbors can do this by claiming they have a right to light.

Natural light is vital to our everyday lives. If blocking light makes the room unusable, it can be done. The only time this can be done is if blocking the light renders the room unusable. The right to light doesn’t ensure sunlight, but it can prevent an extension from leaving a neighbor in the dark.

Rare is the problem. Most disputes over the right of sunshine are due to vindictive construction. You should know your neighbor’s rights, especially if you live in a neighborhood with many houses.

How high is the ceiling of an extension?

A house extension is not legally required.

Ceiling heights in the construction industry are typically 2.4m. This can be used to plan a project.

What are the rules regarding home extensions?

Local planning authorities enforce building regulations to ensure public safety and health.

The ominous L sounds like a line from The X-Files. The ominous L sounds like a quote from The X-Files. The new regulations by the government aim to increase building energy efficiency by 40%. The amount of glass allowed in a building cannot exceed 25%

This is an extremely long list. This list is very long and technical.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a contractor to build an extension on my house?

If you are not confident that you can build an extension, then a contractor will be needed.

Spend as much time as necessary to find the right contractor.

How can I choose the best architect to extend my home?

Search online for bespoke or complex designs. Find architects using websites such as Houzz. Contact them after you have researched their website.


How much does a home extension cost in?

Many factors affect the price of an extension. One meter.

The VAT rate is between 10% and 15%. Include the VAT.

Request preliminary plans from your architect or contractor.

Ask for several estimates from contractors. You can get an idea about the cost and decide if you can afford it.

Does my extension require insurance?

Yes, you can. Your choice of insurance policy will be based on several factors.

Ensure your contractor. Consider a structural guarantee, which is a warranty that the work has already been approved and inspected. If the roof collapses within a year, then the builder is not liable.

If your builder has public liability insurance, they are covered. If they were not at fault for the accident, then there is no coverage.

Inform your insurer as soon as possible about your plans. You should discuss the types of insurance you will require during construction as well as after.

Is there a reduction in VAT on my home extension.

A home extension in auckland will not qualify for a VAT discount. Contractors usually charge a standard 20%. If you hire independent contractors that are not VAT registered, you may be able to make an exception. You only pay VAT for materials you use.

You’re in luck if your house appears on the list and you have been granted permission to extend the lease.

Does my home extension increase its value?

The majority of people who extend their homes do so to increase the value when they sell. London and the South East are particularly affected by this. This isn’t the case all the time.

Ask your agent if renovating your home will increase its value. Find out the average value of property in your area.

As housing markets change, the value of your home could increase dramatically.

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