9 Tips on Hiring a Commercial Painter

It can be difficult to hire the best painter because there are so many of them. Most property managers or owners aren’t aware of the factors to take into consideration when hiring a professional painter. Asking the right questions and doing some research will ensure that you get a professional paint job. This will add beauty and value to the property.

Follow these nine tips to hire a commercial painters in Auckland.

1. Check Reviews

High-quality companies will have a long history of positive reviews. Online and offline reviews can provide valuable information about the reliability of a company and its customer service. You can read testimonials on the websites of the painting companies. 

2. Ask for references from customers.

Repainting is an investment for your business. You should hire a painter with experience in your project. Ask for references and ask about projects relevant to the kind of painting you need. You can contact the references and get their feedback. Drive by the homes and businesses that they have painted in order to see their work.

3. Verify their business credentials.

Not all painters have the same level of skill. Painters who are members of professional associations or local community organizations tend to be more reliable and dedicated to their profession. You can also validate their reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau.

4. Ensure they are licensed and insured.

When you hire any type of contractor, it’s important to make sure they are 

5. Find out who does the work.

It is important to know who will be handling your painting project. Locally-owned and family-owned businesses are more likely to hire their own painters. Some companies subcontract their work, either completely or partially. If this is the case, ensure that everyone assigned to your project has a background check and is properly licensed and insured.

6. Ask about their warranty.

Warranty is synonymous with quality. Look for a company who offers a minimum of a 1-year written guarantee, as many issues such as peeling can occur in the first year. A contractor who does not offer a guarantee is a big red flag. Be sure to get a written warranty detailing the full paint warranty before signing any contract.

7. Get Several Estimates.

A free, no-obligation estimate of your project should be an easy process that any painting contractor can offer. Be clear when discussing your project with the painting contractor. Tell the contractor if you want to paint a smooth surface free of previous flaws. Be sure to get all the details in writing, including the amount of surface prep, the labor costs, the materials needed, and the amount of paint required.

8. Ask about their safety practices

Safety considerations, and the use of equipment are important for painters to consider, especially when painting large commercial projects. Paint sprayers, power washers and sandblasters are often used to paint larger properties. Scaffolding and aerial lifts may also be required. To operate these tools safely, you will need additional training.

It is best to hire a commercial painter who is insured, licensed and adheres to OSHA rules. This will ensure that your project is completed in a safe manner.

9. Get a detailed contract.

You should receive a contract that includes all the important information about the contractor: his name, his address, cell and office phone numbers, as well as his license number. Be sure to clearly state what the job includes and does not include in the contract.

Request a copy the contractor’s certificate of liability insurance and workers compensation. Do not sign anything before you’ve read the contract and understand all of its terms. You should eliminate any company that refuses to answer your questions.


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