OZ design furniture

OZ design furniture

The imagery of new-season furniture from OZ Designs should be accompanied by a warning: your heart will beat faster, and you’ll feel weak at the knees. It would be best if you had a doctor on hand for this post. Things are going to get visually stunning!

OZ Design’s collections have been featured on my blog season after season. One thing that they do consistently well is offer décor solutions that suit a wide range of tastes. This is done by dividing their collection into four style groups (Abode Global Coast Arthouse, Coast Arthouse, Coast Arthouse), each equally impressive.

My favourite is, of course, the Arthouse. But you will find yours as you read this post. You may even be drawn to elements of different styles that can be mixed and matched easily. Let’s have a look!

OZ Abode

Abode’s style is all about beautiful craftsmanship. This year’s new pieces are no different. The Vincent Sofa is a beautiful and luxurious piece. The Pepper Designer Chair, which is on-trend for spring, is a striking addition to the collection. She is a bold statement piece!

OZ Global

Global is dark and moody for 2015 and celebrates our obsession with lush greenery. Indoor plant trends are not going anywhere fast, so it’s a good idea to celebrate them with pieces such as the Gordon Sofa in natural leather and the stunning marble-topped Cannes dining tables.

OZ Coast

A coastal look is not complete without a blue and white colour palette. However, you will see a few grey tones and bright yellow hues in this Coast-style family. The New Haven whitewashed dining table is a great choice for relaxed meals (love that bench seat). You can also see the Bellevue Ottoman in country field fabric, which is a dream come true for a seaside lover!

Oz Arthouse

I have saved the best, and my favourite style, up until last. Arthouse is all in the mixing of different patterns and colours to create an environment that feels unique. The Oxford Sofa in navy leather is my favourite. You can’t go wrong with it paired with the Carson coffee table.

The scene above is soft and feminine, but you can find it here. The Ada design chair and the Tattler modular sofa are a match made in heaven. The best thing about this room is the way the sleek lines and dark wood tones of the Sari coffee table keep it from becoming too girly. It’s bliss!

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