Beds with storage underneath

Beds with storage underneath

Beds with storage underneath are the best for those who love to keep things.

While I don’t think I’m ready to host an episode of Hoarders, I do enjoy collecting homewares and rotating them every season. So I need somewhere to store non-seasonal décor when it’s gone. These beds have storage underneath. You can also hide purchases from your partner. How do you shop? I have never been shopping. You can keep your feet off the bed, and no one will get hurt.

This collection of storage beds has the best feature: drawer and gas-lift options. Each has its pros and cons.

Gas lift allows you to have a tiny space and still have enough room to store your drawers. Some gas-lift frames are difficult to lift. You can access them much more easily with drawers, but you need to have enough space to pull them out.

Have a look at which one is best for you. This post has many options. Enjoy the scrolling and leave a comment at the end to share your favourite.

Megan Gas Lift Bed, $1229

Let’s begin with the stunning Megan Gas Lift Bed by my Brosa friends. Brosa has so many colour options. This is what I love about Brosa. Browse allows you to choose your favourite fabric colour and match it with your bedroom design. This headboard is my favourite. It cocoons you and exudes grandeur. The vertical lines are a bonus point. They will draw your attention up the wall and make the bedroom feel bigger.

My Design Storage Bed, $2879

The My Design Storage Bed is available from Snooze. This beauty packs a lot of features. The bed features a solid frame, a comfortable place to rest your head, drawers at the end, and a gas-life capability. This bed has it all. It can be used in a teenager’s room or for your own use. And just so much storage underneath.

Serenade Storage bed

If you are looking for a bed that exudes strength and sophistication, then this is the right choice. The Serenade Storage Bed by King Living is the best. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and it has a large storage compartment beneath. It is sturdy and durable. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase comes with a 25-year warranty on the steel frame. Premium fabric queen bed starting at $6101 This is a great investment.

Dane Storage Bed, $1525.50

This Dane Storage Bed by Life Interiors is another great option. Pay attention to the $1695 price, which is usually $1695. If you are reading this after the sale ends, we’re sorry. But you need to grab these deals quickly. The bed’s soothing grey colour makes it feel very calm. The headboard has a lovely pipe detail. It adds just enough interest to the headboard while keeping it true to its minimalist design. Get ready to take a look at the gas lift!

Malm bed with storage underneath, $414

The Malm Storage Bed by IKEA is a timeless classic. It’s certainly worth our attention, especially at such a low price. The best thing about the Malm? It comes in four colours: black, oak, brown, and white. Choose the one that will best fit your bedroom, and then let us do all of the work. This is the first drawer option I am showing you. It should also be noted that these drawers reach right up to your headboard. This is a lot of storage.

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