Outdoor shower

Outdoor shower

Outdoor showering is one of the most enjoyable things you can do while on vacation. Why not make it your own? Homes with outside showers are more expensive than other homes. The outdoor showers can significantly increase the home’s value. It’s almost summer, and it’s a great time to get out in the great outdoor. These 31 stunning outdoor showers will inspire you to have one. These ideas range from rustic to modern, minimalist to lush, and will inspire you to get inspired. Continue reading to find out which outdoor shower(s), if any, you would like to create in your backyard.

Double it up

When the background is a romantic Hawaiian getaway like this one by Nicole Hollis, two showerheads are better than one. Although the showerheads are minimalistic and simple, they have a cool-kid element.

Keep it cool

Ruard Veltman, an architect, built a semi-outdoor bathroom in a North Carolina pool house. The shower was fitted with slatted walls that promote airflow. The thatched roof regulates heat all year.

Consider how you’ll use it

The Akin Atelier rustic outdoor shower is a great example of how it’s possible to create a stunning scene. A slatted flooring and no-fuss showerhead are ideal if you’re only looking to wash off after a hike or swim.

Get a tub!

Outdoor showers are dreamy. But an outdoor bathtub is even better. This island oasis is by Ishka Design. Wood wall enclosures provide privacy, but still allow occupants to take in the breeze.

A Moodier Bath Display is a great idea

Nicole Hollis suggests that you take inspiration from the surroundings when designing this luxurious tub arrangement. The clean lines of this white tub contrast with organic textures and moody colours.

Rethink Indoor Showers

Palmer Weiss, interior designer, had an outdoor shower installed at her Sonoma, California home. Her family enjoys it all year. She admits that she doesn’t have an indoor shower in her main bathroom. “I’ve never regretted this decision in four years.”

Treat It as a Mudroom

An outdoor shower can be attached to your pool house’s exterior. This will keep things clean and plumbing easier. Robson Rak designed this outdoor space with a bench and hooks to hold towels, hats and beach bags. It fits in perfectly with the contemporary beach house design. It’s a mix between a mudroom or a bathroom.

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