Fleas in house

Fleas in house

Fleas can be one of the most irritating pests to manage. Fleas are small and jumpy and can multiply quickly. Fleas can be picked up by pets when they are outside, with other animals, or when humans bring in insects to our shoes and clothes.

Fleas can be detected by excessive itching or scratching. The fleas may be small and agile. Fleas can be seen by the naked eye at 2-4 millimeters in length.

Fleas can spread quickly from your house and yard to your pet. It is important to act quickly to stop spread.

An flea infestation will test your patience and make it difficult to stay on top of things. You can eliminate the problem using a combination cleaning method, sprays and pet-friendly topical medication.

Are fleas also able to bite humans?

Yes! Yes! Fleas prefer pets, however. Fleas love pets because their thick fur makes it easy for them to attach to skin and lay eggs.

Flea bites can occur anywhere from your ankles to your skin folds. Flea bites may cause allergic reactions such as hives.

Flea lifecycle

The Centers for Disease Control states that the life span of the fleaTrustedSource is influenced by many environmental factors. Fleas thrive in warm climates, but they can also die in winter.

Although they are tiny, you can still see the eggs if your eyes are open. They can be smooth or white, and they are light in color. One adult female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs per year. These eggs can be found in your pet’s fur or deep under the carpet.

Fleas can develop from an egg to an adult in as little as 2 to 3 weeks if they are kept in ideal conditions. Fleas can live as long as 100 days.

Within a day of hatching, fleas can begin to feed on host blood and will consume it within 10 seconds.

Flea larvae can remain dormant for several months if the environment isn’t perfect. This is why it can be difficult to deal with flea infestations.

How long is it to get rid fleas?

The time it takes to eliminate a flea infestation will depend on the environment and how long they have been present.

You can get rid of most fleas by cleaning your pet immediately and applying topical flea medication to his skin. Even with the best of intentions, fleas can still survive for days or even weeks in an environment.

Fleas can lay large numbers of eggs quickly and have become resistant to insecticides and medications. Flea infestations can be more difficult if you have multiple pets or a large property. Persistency is the key to dealing with fleas.

How can you get rid of fleas from your home?

Your home could become the nursery if your pet is a carrier of mature fleas.

The flea lives in multiple stages, including egg, larvae and adult. If adult fleas are found, you can assume that all stages of the life cycle are present throughout your home. To truly eliminate the infestation, you must tackle it from all angles.

You must take care of your pet’s living environment and treat it accordingly. This may be your entire house or your yard, depending on the boundaries of your pet.

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