Interested In Jazzing Up Your Interiors With Patterns? Read On!

We are all drawn to neutral colors that are subdued or blocked in our decor. These colors have been in fashion for quite a time. However, neutral hues and neutral colors may become boring after a while. If you’re wanting to switch your décor from a boring and monotonous style to a lively and attractive decor, this idea is for you.

How can you add a unique element to your home decor? Perhaps patterns could be the answer. They do not just tie the colors of your home together but determine the style and theme of your interior décor. How does this design idea function? Find out more here.

Patterned Upholstery

There’s no denying that patterns are an interesting aspect of your décor. It’s also easy to get carried away with the theme. Although nothing is more appealing than a sofa with a pattern, you shouldn’t overdo it. Choose a single pattern piece to blend with other similar-colored furniture and couches to create the best impact. Also, be sure to put simple colored cushions on the sofa with a pattern.

Patterns for the Accent Wall

The accent wall of your home should not have an explosion of dark, textured tones. This design is so common it’s easy to get bored after a time. Therefore, increase your style with this awesome accent wall idea. Wallpaper is a great option to accomplish the task. If you’re adept at using a brush, then you can apply the pattern in a distinctive dotted design across the walls. How difficult is it to paint dots on your wall?

Go the Mural Way

The murals are stunning and will create an attractive focal point for your interior. You can go for bold floral accents or choose subtle scenic themes that are neutral shades. If you find these ideas too radical, you could reduce the design according to your requirements. There are plenty of options in the market. You’re sure to find something that will suit your preferences.

You can also apply your theme to an area smaller to disperse the impact.

A Patterned Backsplash

We’re all familiar with kitchen tiles that are staid with neutral colors to go with wood or neutral-toned cabinets. The themes that are done to death can do better with a backsplash that is patterned. Moroccan design tiles are amazing and are a fantastic option to bring life to your interior. If you find this too overwhelming for you, geometric patterns are also a good option.

Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpapers are available in a variety of styles that include stripes, floral or geometric. The combination of options could cause you to be overwhelmed with choices; however, if you’re looking to enjoy your cake and have it all, You can take a walk between the pattern and the staid with subtle geometric designs. Perhaps a polka dot effect? It’s hot!

A Bit of Print on the Curtains

Create a statement by using a soft pattern or strong stripes. The best curtains with patterns are to take. But balance is key. The loud and bold sofa prints could spell disaster. If you own one, stay clear of the other. Your cushions will bring a gorgeous look.

Floral Cushions Are Charming

One of the most simple methods to alter the look of your home is to change the face of the pillows. They can be used as the magic tool. All you have to do is head to the shop and purchase cushions in the same color, and you’re done! You’ve got new décor. Add this exquisite collection of pillows. You can add some prints to make the décor more appealing.

Rug Work

Similar to the cushions, throw rugs can make a huge difference to your home decor. It is the most efficient way to include a printed element in your design. For a traditional or classic style, go for Persian carpets. For a more modern style with bold geometrics, they are the ideal. But make sure that your sofa doesn’t feature an edgy pattern, or else it’s bound to alash with your rug.

Final Say

Prints are simply stunning and can completely alter the appearance of your living space. But for the average person, trying to comprehend patterns and prints on sofas, walls, and even curtains may not just be overwhelming but also lead to disaster If they are not carefully well-balanced.

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