How To Hop Onto The Burgundy Bandwagon In Style!

Burgundy is a plethora of sexiness regardless of the color of lipstick or strapless dress. But why would you stop there when you could incorporate this beautiful shade into your decor? This vibrant shade is back in style with a bang. This burgundy shade is glamorous at its finest. What is it that makes this stunning color so attractive?

This shade has plenty of dimensions and is perfect for bringing your interior a sense of sophistication and warmth. While this color is a great fit for your home, Be aware. It requires a certain level of skill to determine the perfect equilibrium and to achieve the ideal design. How do you achieve it? Let’s see what professionals are saying.

Use it Sparingly

Why would you be blamed for going all out in this stunning color? But splashing Burgundy all over your walls can cause a lot of damage since you’ll end up with a dull, depressing interior. Remember, in order to get the most out of this color, it is important to use moderation. The best option is to let it be the dominant color on your wall as an accent and bring its richness by incorporating lighter shades, like gray or beige, on the other walls according to your specific color of Burgundy. Sofas in gray or beige complement this stunning shade. It is possible to add some solid colors of burgundy throw cushions in the mix to enhance the hue of your wall accent further.

If you think this shade is too intense, reduce it by using a lighter hue. Combine it with more delicate gray shadows to create a gorgeous style.

A Spot of Burgundy in Your Accessories

We are in love with this shade. It’s likely to appeal to you as well. But, overdoing it with accessories that are this striking hue can cause a sloppy look. Therefore, if you want to include it in your wall art, cushions, or pillows, be sure to blend this dark shade with lighter hues. Neutrals like gray or off-white are excellent choices since they highlight the deepness of the Burgundy. To elevate it to the next level, you can add sea-green accents to your décor. The combination is unique and captivating.

Abstract art in Burgundy is perfect to match the accessories. However, be sure to hold your horses. If you’ve got a Burgundy brick wall, do not make the mistake of adding more hues of Burgundy to your walls. Let your burgundy-colored artwork dominate your walls that are gray instead.

Vintage Vibe Burgundy

What’s more appealing than a vintage look to balance the burgundy hue? A vintage cabinet and chair legs that remind you of the mid-1900s are ideal for balancing your modern-day interior design. You can create this appearance by adding a burgundy-colored chair to the decor.

Antique furniture stores and flea markets are great locations to find your hands on an old cabinet or table. Try to convince your grandma to part with one of her treasures. However, straddling the old-fashioned and modern styles isn’t easy because it requires a balance. If you’re new to the scene and don’t know how to do it yourself, then you should consult with the pros.

Color Pairings that Work with Burgundy

After you’ve decided that Burgundy is your color of choice, it’s time to consider what shades will work best with this vibrant shade. Gray shades, paired with the slightest hint of green, are a dream to behold. But other gray shades are also great. To make a bold statement, you can add a blue velvet chair to the mix.

It’s possible to allow the Burgundy to dominate your décor by bringing life to an accent wall. It is also possible to use it in a subtle function on your sofa or even your accessories. For your bedroom, consider using burgundy linens for your bed because the hue might be over-stimulating for a serene area.

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