Front yard landscape ideas in Australia

Front yard landscape ideas in Australia

The front garden of your home should be striking and well-maintained. It also helps you to see the design details inside. A well-designed home facade can enhance a property’s presence in the neighbourhood. In real estate terms, it does matter how first impressions are made.

A striking front garden design can make your home feel warm and welcoming, whether you have a Victorian style home or a Hamptons-style house.

This Mollymook Garden features a stunning array of rugged, robust plantings. The front garden is adorned with recycled hardwood sleepers and star jasmine-strewn tree aloes.

The garden has a variety of seasonal plants. The front is complemented by the rigid entryway with its sculptural pruned hedges, which add height and visual depth.

A landscaping design like this one with Westringia Aussie Box and Grey Box plants will give you a low-maintenance sculptured garden. They grow into tight, round balls, so you don’t need to trim them.

The stunning planting scheme in the front yard of the modern home on Victoria’s Surf Coast is completely indigenous. This was a requirement by the local council.

The front yard of the large Melbourne home was once a barren expanse of lawn. Now, it has been transformed into a beautiful, layered paradise worthy of a unique historic home.

Nicola Cameron, a Sydney landscape designer, recognized the potential of undeveloped gardens and made her dream home. Concrete paths and steps are used to weave through native plants in the front garden.

This beachside garden has natural stone wall cladding that matches the surrounding coastal landscapes. These are miniature pieces of the main paved area that were created in situ to repeat the stone paving.

This well-maintained front yard has stepping stones made from Wistow slate with clipped balls (Buxus in the front and Westringia in the back), creating an atmospheric and sophisticated entry point.

This Tasmanian home is surrounded by lavender and a path of stone pavers. It has a touch of European design.

This 1930s Georgian Brick house is surrounded with manicured gardens featuring neatly trimmed hedges, clipped balls and framed by red brick inlays.

The front garden design has straight trunks made of a peached pair. This is accentuated by a wide expanse of white Sandstone Paving. It creates a welcoming and simple front yard.

Although the front yard of the Victorian house is not large, the combination grass pavers, shrubs, and succulents add texture to the area.

To enhance the clean lines of Brazilian-style architecture, terraces and balconies wrap around the home on the Gold Coast.

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