Best French door fridge Australia

Best French door fridge Australia

A large refrigerator with many useful features is a must if you have a large family or host regular gatherings. It will make entertaining easy, and your food lasts longer. These are some things to consider when shopping for French door refrigerators. We also have our top picks.

A large, well-built refrigerator is essential for keeping your groceries fresher. French doors continue to be popular and are loved for their flexibility and ease of use in homes across the country.

Andrew Wand, Head, Home Appliances, Samsung, says, “As our routines and needs continue to evolve, homes will never be exactly the same. They are our safe havens, offices, and entertainment centres.”

“In 2020, many Aussies turned to the kitchen for entertainment. 29% of Australians indicated eating more meals with their family and friends.

Newer French door refrigerators are smarter and more efficient than ever. We share all the information you need to help you select the right French door refrigerator for your home.


Although size is not everything, you still need to have enough space for various snacks. General manager of marketing at Whirlpool Liam Bryers suggests that a minimum capacity of 600 liters is sufficient for regular entertainers. Adjustable storage is also possible.

Liam says, “If you are cooking for an army, a fridge that has a large storage capacity and is flexible to store your food, such as adjustable shelving you can move to fit your needs.”

Start by looking for shelves that are extra wide to hold platters. Also, consider shelves that can be retracted or adjusted to fit bottles. Interior designer Petrina Turn says that shelves that can be moved up or down without taking them out are a great feature.


The fridge will likely be the largest single appliance in your kitchen. Before you go to the shops, think about where it will be placed.

Petrina says, “If you’re designing a kitchen to entertain , I recommend placing the fridge/or wine refrigerator near the area where guests will be gathering.” If you’re using it for a servery, bar, or set-down area, place it near the breakfast bar, or the end closest the living or dining rooms if they’re there.

Recognizing that small spaces can pose a problem in smaller homes, manufacturers are creating slimmer models such as LG’s Slim French door refrigerator range. This fridge still packs a lot of capacity due to its clever internal design.


Refrigerators of today have different zones that can be adjusted to fit the contents. Andrew explains that many people now require customisable temperature zones. Twin and triple cooling systems are also available. This feature allows for freedom and flexibility which is increasingly important to entertainers.”

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