DesignerSpeak: Stop Using These 7 Patterns In Your Home

The patterns are stunning. They can bring happiness to your living space and add dimension. However, in the excitement, it’s easy to go excessively with the ways you’ve seen before. While certain fashion trends are feminine, however, others fade in popularity when the season ends.

So, what should we do when faced with these situations? What are the patterns you should avoid when designing your home? Have no fear. Here’s a list of styles to avoid when designing your home. Let’s get started.

Pattern One: The Not-so-Charming Brocade

Brocade patterns recall the Victorian period with their extravagant sparkle and style. Although brocade was fashionable in the past, it’s seen its time in the sun, but it is best left unattended.

What’s our opinion?

Brocade can take over your space. If you have to make use of it, consider subdued brocade patterns on your chair to create a sense of depth.

Pattern Two: Chevron

Chevron remains popular and has popular fans. Interior designers are hesitant to stay away from this design since it’s been in use for some time and has a shabby chic style. This is particularly true for the chevron pattern in high-contrast patterns that cover a large area.

What is our opinion?

Chevron has its charms. It’s all in how you apply it and in what places you utilize it. The chevron-patterned cushions can be a great way to bring design to your home. If you’re a fan of fashion but still love the look of chevron, change to herringbone patterns for your interior design.

Pattern Three: The Polka Dot

Polka dots are in fashion. But, they’re considered a thumbs-down design within the realm of renowned designers. These fun elements are great for the nursery or dinnerware, but they can become a nuisance on furniture after a time. The pattern may cause you to ‘dotty’ when you use it in a large amount.

What is our Take?

With so many people embracing a polka-dot motif, It is advisable to explore other designs instead. But, hey, if you would like to join the polka dot trend, take a break with a few cushion dots.

Pattern Four: Animal Prints

Design experts will inform you that animal prints draw attention but do not affect the other components in the space. The statement that is loud and obnoxious to the eye is a must-no-no. However, if you’ve got an interest in prints with animals, consider adding two cushions to the mix to add curiosity instead of taking over the floor or sofa.

What is our Take?

It’s better to make sure to give animal patterns a chance, particularly if you’ve got floral designs, too.

Pattern Five: Damask

Damask has become outdated and is best avoided. Numerous other fascinating floral designs or styles provide a more appealing look to your home.

What is our Take?

We are sure that you can achieve much better using other prints to create an old-fashioned look. Don’t forget that too much damask could cause havoc.

Pattern Six: Gingham

Gingham reminded us of the 60s and 70s and was a favorite for teenagers and toddlers alike. Through the years, gingham became an attractive style choice in home decor as well. This simple design is charming, but it lacks depth and is often boring.

What is our Take?

If you’re planning to utilize it for your home, you can try the cafeteria curtain in gingham to decorate your kitchen.

Pattern Seven: Checker Board Print

The jury is still out on this issue. However, some interior designers are adamant about the appeal that checkerboard floors offer, and those who aren’t so sure.

What is our Take?

If you do decide to use a checkerboard design for your pillows or flooring, be sure only to use it for small spaces. This pattern may be overwhelming if applied to large areas.

Summing Up

Finding the right balance between patterns and colors can be complicated. In order to achieve the perfect balance, you might want to seek out an expert.

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