Designers Regret Following These Decor Trends

In a few years, many of the hottest designs become a snare. Not only do homeowners regret the day they adopted these fashion trends for their houses, but interior designers have also regretted using these trends in their work. They make erroneous choices as well!

What do these styles mean that designers were not sure about after applying them to their interior design? We’ll look at some of the techniques designers believe they could avoid. Perhaps you could reconsider your style choices and take a fresh look after reading this article.

1. A Coastal Vibe

It’s very easy to become swept away with the surf and sand theme. It doesn’t matter if it’s bamboo accessories or rush mats, the blue and beige color scheme, or shell accessories; this sloppy design is boring and outdated.

What designers think:

  • Utilize these elements sparingly within your design
  • Combining different styles and times enhances the appearance of your home
  • The less is always, the better

2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles aren’t something that can be changed quickly; aside from the prohibitive cost, cutting off the flooring is difficult. The more muted colors last longer and are a better option, as it is easily compatible with furnishings and walls.

What designers have to say about HTML0:

It is possible to introduce patterns and colors into your interior design in various ways. It could be your decorative wall, your rug, or even the artwork and throw cushions. They can be replaced as you grow tired of them, but not the flooring.

3. A White Rug

Wall-to-wall carpets in white are stunningly extravagant and the epitome of luxury. Yet, no matter the stories we think about them, these carpets are very maintenance-intensive and are more likely to stain earlier than later.

What designers have to say about HTML0:

  • If you’re adamant on a white rug, look to wooden flooring for your base. Then, build on it by adding white area rugs, which can be shipped to dry cleaning
  • Make sure to choose stain-resistant qualities when you search for your rug
  • If you’re a pet owner or have children, consider giving white rugs a chance

4. Hanging Chairs

It’s not a secret hang chairs are a great addition to any style and will not ever go out of fashion anytime soon. What’s the problem?

What designers think:

These chairs are certainly attractive, but they are not often used and cause a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, it is best to choose functional furniture rather than fashionable ones.

5. Beware of going too far with bold patterns

Patterns can make your design experience more thrilling. However, when you apply practices on your furniture as well as the accent wall or your rug, they can be way too intense. This is particularly true when it comes to bedroom designs with designs on the wall, headboards, and even the bedcovers. The nights of insomnia are here, too!

What designers think:

Patterns are full of energy and motion, which you should stay clear of in a peaceful space. Be careful and make use of them only in moderate amounts.

6. The Saturated Farmhouse Themes

The designs of the farmhouse are a huge attraction due to they have a rustic and homey appearance. However, how much is enough? Where do you define the boundary?

What designers think:

Certain elements, like the hewn rafters or old-world cabinetry, are lovely. Be careful not to include mugs with words or fancy jars for cookies and milk and other objects that you can find at flea markets. The way to do this is to add an element of rustic to your home decor.

7. Inspirational Quote Decals

Decals for messages can be irritating once the initial euphoria has waned. If you’re unhappy, you don’t just want to take your hair out but also to put a smiley ‘don’t worry, just be happy’ decal on your kitchen wall.

What designers have to say about HTML0:

These enjoyable elements should be left to themselves. But, they could be a source of motivation for your children, so you can let them choose which ones they enjoy to decorate their rooms.

8. The Barn Door Frenzy

Although they look great in pictures, these huge machines require a bit of handling. The weight is a huge issue. The doors appear to be able to think on their own and can slide off, occasionally scratching paint off walls!

What designers think:

The aesthetics are great, but function is essential as well. If you’re going to be a screamer every time you have to open the door of your barn, it’s better not to bother with this idea.

Summing Up

Trends in design come and go. Some designs last, some are not, so for sure. We hope that these bits of information will shed some light on trends in design and dos and don’ts. If you’re just new to the design world, an expert touch could assist you.

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