Black ants in the house

Black ants in the house

There are thousands of ants around an area with only one visible ant. While this knowledge might not be of concern to you when you enjoy the great outdoors, it is important to address any ant infestations in your home quickly.

Are ants dangerous to humans?

There are more than 12,000 species and species around the globe. Most of these ants are harmless to humans.

However, ants can transmit disease and infection to others by carrying bacteria.

Natural methods to repel and eliminate ants

There are many methods to eliminate ants and their colonies from your home. Professional exterminators might be required in certain cases. However, natural remedies can eliminate the problem without using chemicals or toxic substances.

These are the top natural ways to repel and kill ants using ingredients you can find in your home or local store.

Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide)

Diatomaceous Earth is a silica composed of the fossilized remains from aquatic organisms called diatoms (a kind of plankton).

Diatomaceous Earth is not poisonous. Diatomaceous earth kills ants by absorption of the oils in their bones, which then dries them. It is an irritating substance so avoid inhaling it or putting it on your skin.

Online purchase of food-grade Diatomaceous earth is possible. Use it to kill ants. Follow the package instructions or sprinkle the powder wherever you see them.

Liquid detergent and glass cleaner

When they walk, ants leave behind a trail of pheromone scent that acts as a guide. This can be used to remove the smell and discourage ants from returning to your home.

How to do it:

  1. Combine glass cleaning spray and liquid detergent (dish soap), in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture in areas where ants are likely to be found.
  3. After spraying, clean the area with a soft cloth.
  4. You can repeat the steps above as many times as you need.

Notably, if you don’t have glass cleaner, soapy water of any type (e.g., dish soap, hand soap) will likely remove the ant pheromones scent.

Ground black pepper or red pepper

Natural and deterrents include pepper (HT0_ cayenne ), black or red pepper. The insects find it irritating.

Sprinkle pepper on appliances and around baseboards to use this method. This is an effective way to keep ants away, according to some reports.


Peppermint repels ants and other insects.

The following steps can be followed to make peppermint essential oils as an anti-ant repellent:

  1. In a plastic spray bottle, mix 10-20 drops of peppermint essential oils with 2 cups water.
  2. Spray the mixture on the windows and baseboards of your home.
  3. Allow the mixture to dry, then repeat as necessary.

Peppermint oil should be kept out of reach of pets.

Peppermint essential oils may be available at your local supermarket or health food store.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil , like peppermint oil , can work as an effective anti-ant deterrent. Follow these steps to use this method:

  • In a clean, plastic spray bottle, mix 5-10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 cups water.
  • Spray the mixture all over the area where you see ants. You can also use cotton balls to coat the mixture and place them around the house.

Notice: If the smell is too strong, you can try mixing tea tree oil with peppermint oil and water.

Keep tea tree oil and other essential oils out of reach of your pets.

Tea tree oil can be purchased at your local grocery, health food, or online store.

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