A Few 2022 Trends Designers Hope Will Continue In 2023

This year was a significant year for fashion. From the resurgence of 1980s and 1970s styles to the revival of maximalist design, no lack of fashion trends kept us entertained. While specific trends are slowly fading, designers hope some will last through 2023.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of these trends. From vibrant colors to classic materials, keep reading to learn more about what’s coming up for 2023.

Bold And Eclectic Colors

Bold and diverse colors are an upcoming trend designers hope will last into 2023. Who doesn’t like the idea of rooms with various hues that create an eye-catching and unique space?

What you’ll appreciate about this fashion is the ability to express yourself in a way you like. Whether you prefer vibrant and striking shades or muted and soothing tones doesn’t matter. There’s no wrong way to approach it. If you’re ever stuck, look through some of your favorite artwork or photos to get some ideas.

Oversized Statement Lighting

This fashion is about creating a dramatic impact through your lighting fixtures, regardless of whether they’re a striking chandelier or a striking floor lamp.

Statement lighting is a great way to add style to your room and make it appear more welcoming. It’s also an excellent method to make a tiny space seem more extensive and brighter. Invest in large, striking lights if you’re looking for ways to bring some energy to your home this season.

Traditional Design

The classic design is always trendy. It’s timeless and classic and can be utilized in any home if you want an elegant or traditional style; a traditional look can be accomplished with proper furnishings and decor. It can be as easy as adding chintz to furniture or even architectural changes that reflect the previous lavish style.

Quilt Decor

Designers are noticing a lot of quilts used as decoration, and they hope this trend will continue. Quilts offer a lot of visual appeal and bring a splash of color and style to any room. They can be displayed on the wall or used as a bedspread or throw.

Quilts are also excellent to layer. Utilize them to add interest and texture to your living space. Consider layering a quilt on top of the solid sheet set or as a bedspread by adding pillows that come in various designs and colors.

Terracotta And Brown Hues

The brown and terracotta shades have been popular home decor for the last few years, and there’s no evidence of this trend slowing down soon. These earthy and rich hues give any room a warm and cozy feeling and are suitable for contemporary and traditional spaces.

If you’re considering incorporating these colors into your decor, there are a few things to consider. Consider first the tone you’d like to establish in your space. Terracotta and brown could lean towards a rustic or more polished look, depending on how you use the colors.

Another point to consider is that these colors can be used as accent or base colors for the space. If you want to stand out, opt for terracotta-colored floors or walls. If you’d prefer more subtle colors, you can use the colors in smaller amounts through accessories or accessories.


As the year 2023 is upon us and beyond, there are some fashion trends we believe will remain popular. Many designers have chosen these five trends because they can continue for extended periods. It could be using different patterns and colors, incorporating striking lighting, adding ding quilts to rooms, or opting for terracotta floors and earthy hues. There is a certain timeless appeal to these styles. This is the reason they are still highly sought-after by homeowners and designers alike.

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