13 Wallpaper Trends That’ll Hog The Spotlight In 2023!

Make sure your home is ready for a fresh look because we’re about to reveal thirteen wallpaper trends that will take all the attention by 2023! From geometrics and florals to natural-inspired designs, There’s something for all.

Read on to discover what wallpaper design is best for you.

Using Wallpaper as Art

Wallpaper is no longer only an essential element of your home. It’s one of the most effective ways to inject personalization and flair. This isn’t solely about wallpaper as an ornamental wall. It’s about using wallpaper as a form of art. Whether it’s your living space or bedroom, setting up an area of interest with wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring visual appeal to any room.

Going for Neutrals

In terms of designing wallpaper, the year 2023 will focus on neutral colors. So, choose the subtle but striking wallpapers with shades of white cream, beige, and taupe. While many may view them as dull, they’re far from boring. They’re an ideal option to bring a sense of class to any room.

Large-Scale Wallpaper Designs

The large-scale designs are creating an impact on commercial and residential spaces. You can find an elegant way to bring more interest to a room or make an effect. You can find a big-scale wallpaper to fit your taste.

Tropical Touches

In terms of wallpaper styles, there’s one certain to be the center of attention by 2023: the tropical accents. These bright patterns add a hint of paradise to your space, from pineapple and palm leaves prints to flamingos and banana leaves.


Textures are trendy in the world of wallpaper. The current year is seeing an abundance of wallpapers with textures that provide visual excitement and depth to a space. These wallpapers, whether a simple print or a complex design, will draw attention.

Upholstery Prints

The upholstery prints are expected to be significant, with striking and stunning designs adorning armchairs and sofas worldwide. If you want to stand out with your home decor, Upholstery prints are the best way to do it.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are the most popular in this style, and warm brown, beige, and orange hues make a return. These colors are great for creating a warm and inviting space. They can be combined with almost any other color to create many styles.

Wallpapering the Ceiling

If you’re searching for a different and striking way to refresh your home’s design, why not consider covering your ceiling with wallpaper? This trend is sure to make waves in the design world, and we believe it will be a big hit!

Mood Enhancing Colors

It’s no secret that color can profoundly impact our mood. This is why when selecting wallpaper, it’s crucial to consider what colors best fit the room and its use.

Retro Patterns

There is a revival of retro-inspired wallpaper designs emphasizing graphic patterns. The most popular retro designs are abstract shapes, florals, and abstract patterns. These are the ideal choices to add a touch of individuality to your decor.

Bordered Designs

Bordered designs are seeing an appearance in the world of wallpaper! We see many patterns with this look and traditional techniques like stripes. This is an excellent method to bring some interest to any space and is perfect for those looking to make an impact without being too extravagant with the color or pattern.

Wallpapering Foyers

Look at wallpaper for those looking to find a stylish method to modernize your foyer! Decorating in your area is a fantastic option to create a significant impact without spending much money. Additionally, it’s a fast and straightforward project that you can tackle in just two hours.

Adding Stripes

A wallpaper with stripes can be a great option to add interest to any space. Lines can be vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal and are available in various sizes and hues. They can create a focal point for the room or provide a bit of personality. They are also a great option to hide imperfections on walls or other surfaces.


That’s it: 13 wallpaper trends are expected to shine in 2023! Check out our blog post titled The Latest Trends: Ten Gorgeous Wallpaper Ideas You Need to Look At to get more wallpaper ideas.

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