12 Cozy Small Living Room Decor Trends

The decor trends change now and again. This article will help you stay up to date with all the latest trends. These small living rooms will transform your space into something stylish and modern.

There is a solution for every taste, from elegant lighting to simple storage to folding coffee tables. Transform your small space with inspiration from the beautiful images in our gallery.

Choose a Folding Coffee Table

Home Decor Advisor, an interior decor expert, says that the rule of thumb for small rooms is not to cram too much furniture in the space. It will appear cluttered. We recommend that you choose a folding table instead of a traditional coffee table. The table can be folded and placed against the wall when not in use.

You can choose a metallic or rustic table, depending on your style, to add a touch of industrial flair to the room.

Bring the outdoors into your space.


Use the door leading to your garden to your advantage. Arrange your furniture so that it is seamless between the living room and patio. This beautiful living room was designed by an interior designer who positioned the sofa so that it faces away from the backyard. It creates a stunning backdrop.

This adjoining outdoor area also gives the small living room a spacious feel. The two floral vases placed on rustic side tables finish the look.

Wall Decor Ideas


Hanging something that distracts your guests from your small living room is one of the most tried and true tricks for styling a small space. The designer of this small, cozy living room was inspired by this idea and hung five different-sized paintings with water as the main theme. These captivating paintings draw attention away from the living room to the walls. They also complement the gorgeous accent chairs and throw pillows. The addition of a few geometric decor items on the coffee tables is a great idea.

Create Space for Your Home Office


Recent events have led to many of us choosing to work at home. If you live in a small house, it can be not easy to decide where your desk should go. Place a desk underneath your mounted TV. The cozy sofa with its yellow curtains and a yellow accent chair on splayed legs is complemented by a yellow accent chair. This is a great way to make your home beautiful and functional.

Keep Things Simple


Keep things as simple as you can. The designer had to combine three rooms in this small space: the kitchen, dining area, and living room. This cozy, small space is made up of a single sofa, a three-chair dining table, and a stylish white kitchen. This living room is blessed with high ceilings that give the impression of a bigger space. The long curtains will also provide the appearance of a larger, longer room.

Embrace Light Colors


Expert interior designers say that dark colors can be beautiful but are not suitable for small spaces. Pale colors make your room seem larger and brighter. This room feels cozy and spacious with its white walls, ceiling, windows, and floors. Complete the setup with a light blue chair and a cream couch. Throw pillows in different colors will add some color to your space.

Choose Corner Sofas


You want to maximize your space in a small area. Instead of the traditional couch design, choose a modern corner sofa. A l-shaped couch is bigger, can accommodate more people, and utilizes the corners. The blue and white pillows give the space a Moroccan feel and look while ensuring that your sofa is comfortable.

Simple Storage Ideas


You may find that you have a problem with storage in a small space. Take inspiration from the room below. This small storage cabinet in teal has enough room for a couple of items, and the top can be used to display framed pictures.

Unique Lights To Add Warmth To Your Space


Lighting can also have a major impact on the appearance and feel of a room. To illuminate your space, opt for a hanging pendant instead of recessed lighting. Choose long floor lamps if you have children around.

Corner Shelves For Your Souvenirs


If you have many souvenirs or pictures from your holidays, consider installing a shelf in the corner of the space. This small living room’s white corner shelf complements both the sofa and coffee table while still providing space for designer collectibles. The large mirror is stunning.

Add Mirrors


Interior designers suggest mirrors as part of cozy living room decor because they give the impression of a bigger room. Instead of sticking with traditional shapes, why not try out new designs that will add interest to your space?

Use two-toned living room wall ideas.


A bold space is a great way to make a big statement. Instead of choosing the usual two colors, the designer used multiple shades to showcase her style. The walls are mostly white, with a splash of navy on the front wall. The combination gives this small living room a new lease of life. This small space provides a rustic feel with a dark brown border and floating shelf that complements the door.

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