Unique Paintings To Decorate Your Home

Wall paintings in the home or office can be a great way to show off your creativity. They also create a unique atmosphere. There are paintings for every theme and color scheme, from the relaxing and cool to the warm and contemporary or the bright and sporty.

When deciding whether to hang a painting on the wall, there are several things to take into consideration. Your painting’s main focus should be on color and theme, not just measuring the dimensions of the room and considering your budget.

A Note about Color

The colors of a painting can have a profound impact on a room and make the difference between anger and relaxation. Cooler tones, such as green or purple, are more relaxing than warmer colors like red and yellow.

It’s important to consider the contrasts of color. Consider the color wheel and the harmony of color theory. This is more complex than can be covered here, but it’s worth considering if you are serious about your painting.

Theme Based Ideas

Antiquities: The Ancient World

The ancient world inspires many artists to try to recreate famous statues like the Thinker or Discus Thrower. There are many other versions of famous cultures, such as ancient Egypt, Mayans or Norse Vikings.

Beauty Or Fashion

You can create a beautiful environment in your salon, home studio, or vanity area by adding mod paintings. These could be art deco portraits of women or lips.

Cooking; Kitchen

You can create beautiful works of art by artistically re-creating kitchen utensils or kitchen items. These are perfect for your kitchen at home or in the chef’s office. These types of spaces will also work well with paintings of foods, herbs, and wines.

Dance Or Exercise

Ballet, yoga, and other dance styles, such as Flamenco, can be a beautiful addition to any room where dance or exercise is the focus. It is also possible to decorate the reception and offices of larger studios or gyms.

Finance or Banking

For establishments that deal with banking, finance, or assets, you can use a painting of money in a bag. Or, perhaps, a woman rummaging through a pile of bills. It is not recommended to use the canvas at home, but you can if you have an office there.

Modern; Avant-Garde

If you want something outlandish and eccentric, many paintings use wild color schemes and explore depth, texture, line, and shadow. They look great in any room and add a touch of elegance to the office.

Nature; Environment

Paintings of deer can enhance home decor in forests, jungle cats, whales, and oceans. Shells on the beach or along the seaside are also a good choice. This type of art adds a powerful and reflective tone to the room.

Sports; Hobbies

You can include sports cars, track-and-field, big cats, and other large games. Paintings of football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, bowling, and other sports can be stunning and artistic for any basement or activity room.

Final Thoughts

This list should inspire you to think of new ideas. Be patient, and think things through thoroughly. Make sure the painting you choose speaks to you and to the room in which you plan to hang it.

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