Think again if you thought that you were the biggest Taylor Swift fan. Duane Swank is a candle and soap maker at Sparta Candle Co. He might not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of Swiftie. Swenk, who has a following on Sparta Candle Co. TikTok thanks to his soothing voice and soap-cutting videos, is a fan favorite. Swenk’s love for Taylor Swift is what has caused the brand’s TikTok page to go viral again. He makes (and cuts up) Taylor Swift-inspired soaps. We’re in love.

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The page features videos of other soaps and candles being sold. Still, the ones that feature the brand’s data-vars-ga-call to “Swiftie Collection” datavarsgaoutboundlink are the ones that gain so many views and love from fellow fans. The page also features videos featuring other soaps, candles, and products sold by the company. However, the ones featuring the Swiftie collection are the ones that receive the most views and love. Travis Kelce could be watching, too. (We hope so!)


Swenk has a “new favorite” soap that he named Reputation after the Swift era. The video went viral and received over one million views. Swenk’s soothing voiceover explains that the soap bar looks like a snake is slithering across it. It also has scent notes such as oak moss and sage to compliment the “dark vibe.” Fellow Swifties endorse Swenk’s soaps. One Swiftie commented under the video: “As Swiftie, I have never seen anything so pure.” Literally crying.” This collection is loved by fans of both the company and the singer. Many have asked for bundles of soaps and candles that include products from all the different eras. “Hear me: a sample package called the eras tours,” wrote one. This is a brilliant idea. From the Lovers’ period to Folklore and 1989, there is a soap or a candle for everyone.

Sparta Candle Co. products smell and look amazing; whether you are a Taylor Swift lover or not, if you’re not a Swiftie, then you can still find plenty of soaps and candle scents. But what about us? We’ve definitely got our eye on the Swiftie Collection. You Folklore Candle. These would make the perfect housewarming gift for Travis Kelce’s new Kansas City mansion.

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