Tech Savvy? How About Going Hi-Tech With Your Bathroom?

Technology is constantly evolving and making life significantly more straightforward. While we are introducing technologically advanced gadgets to different areas of our homes, even our bathroom is left out. It’s true that with modern faucets, sensors that detect infrared light, and even music when you bathe, your shower can turn into an unforgettable experience.

What are the newest gadgets on the market? And what are they able to provide? We must dive into the digital bathing world to put things in the right perspective to put things in proper perspective. There is one thing for sure: the world will never look like it was before.

Faucets equipped with sensors

These faucets save you the effort of turning the tap on and off whenever you need to clean your hands, but they also conserve water. This can reduce your carbon footprint as well as lower your water bill. These faucets are plentiful in the kitchen, too, especially when your fingers are sprayed with batter.

Soap Dispensers

A small amount of handwash falling into your palm is a pleasure. It’s the perfect complement to the sensor faucet in your home. This dispenser that doesn’t touch is affordable and excellent in this day of virus-related pandemics. Plus, it will save time and soap as well.

A Shower, the Digital Way

A large amount of water gets wasted as you wait to reach the perfect temperature. It can also be a hassle when deadlines are to be able to meet. With a digital shower system, you can adjust the desired temperature to get the perfect water temperature as you enter the shower. It only takes a few minutes, if not more. Since you manage your pressure level, you can opt for a relaxing wash or a jolting water flow according to your mood.

A Bathroom Song With A Difference

To experience the highest level of luxury, you can listen to your favorite music while you shower. You can also use LED lights as the music plays – a fantastic experience, without a doubt, is a must for any bathroom.

A High-tech Commode

The commode seat’s position, either up or down, is debated in most households. With the advancement of technology that has been made, there is no need to be concerned as it’s automated. The seat insulation feature is excellent for winter conditions, and because most of these devices flush themselves automatically, they’re like an angel from heaven. Also, the water jets are responsible for cleaning up after. All in all, it’s a hands-free trip in the bathroom.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors with mists can be a problem for anyone, particularly when your partner has sprayed the bathroom with a haze, and you require clean shaving. The electronic mirror defogger eliminates the mirror’s fog and allows you to enjoy shaving without needing towels to clean off the mist. However, that’s not all. The touch screen shows the weather, date, time, and the most popular videos. You can adjust the lighting when you want to shave or apply your makeup.

Waterproof TV

A high-definition touchscreen in the bathroom might appear to be a distant vision. This frameless device can seamlessly integrate into the toilet. Furthermore, because it’s waterproof and water-resistant, you won’t worry about causing damaging the equipment. It can be placed behind the bathroom or over the bathtub to enjoy a relaxing experience. The drawback? The cricket season could cause chaos since your spouse isn’t likely to be in a rush to get out of the bathroom!

It is essential to know that before purchasing a set, ensure that it has an IP rating of at least IP 65. This means your television will be indestructible to splashes and direct touch with water.

Like all of the above systems are easily operated by applications on your tablet, iPad, or smartphone, your lifestyle will change for the better after you get these modern devices.

Final Thoughts

As technology advances, our lives have drastically changed. Being updated with modern technology can make your life much more enjoyable. If you can afford these devices, you’ve gained the privilege to keep the latest bathroom gadgets! For more interesting blog posts on home decor, sign on to Homebliss. In.

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