Tapestries And Beyond: 5 Room Design Trends And Décor To Follow

New trends in room decor and design are introduced now and again. It’s only logical that you would want to update your home using the latest trends. It would be a waste to continue using outdated styles when the rest of the world has already adopted them. You can make your room trendy with wall art, wall painting, furniture, lighting, and other fixtures.

Consider these five ideas:


You can create a warm and elegant atmosphere in your home by hanging tapestries. The tapestries also give a sense of cultural history. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the church began using tapestries as a way to explain the bible to its congregations. Since then, tapestries have become status symbols of the upper classes in society. This includes kings, nobles, and aristocrats.

Many homes around the world still use them. Here are a few reasons why they’re still popular today:

  • The price of wall tapestries is usually lower than other types.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. Remove the panels from the wall, wash them, then hang them back up.
  • They can be used not only on walls but also on beds, tables, and windows.
  • With the use of sophisticated embroidery techniques, it is possible to create very intricate patterns.
  • They can be easily moved from one place to another or folded up and stored for future use.

Paint Walls in Bold Colors

Neutral colors for walls are the best, as you’ve heard. You’ll see beige, gray, or taupe walls in many homes. Interior designers have been using bolder colors than ever. You would also want to be brave and boldly express your personality. The best background for art, according to some, is not neutral but bold.

You can experiment with these colors:

  • Lime Green: Creates a vibrant and youthful space. The connection between plants and nature makes it relaxing.
  • Tangerine orange: Another vibrant shade that will instantly energize you as soon as you enter the room. Its warmth comes from its similarity to a sunset.
  • Fire engine red: This color inspires enthusiasm and energy. It can be blended with creams, yellows, and deeper reds.
  • Teal Instead of the traditional light blue, add a healthy dose of green to make it the bolder teal. It still gives off a calm feeling.
  • Matte Black: This shade is for those who are more daring or want to create drama in their space. Black absorbs light, so make sure you have enough light in the room.
  • Canary Yellow: The yellow color of a wall reflects the sun’s rays, bringing out positivity.

Statement Lighting

Unique fixtures are becoming more popular among homeowners in place of the common ones. The standard light bulbs, for example, seem outdated because everyone has them in their home. You can stand out by using unique alternatives such as chandeliers, flush mounts, floor lamps, and pendants.

You can try these common ideas:

  • Marquee lighted sign: You can install a wall-mounted light bulb in your garage that is carved to look like a car, bicycle, or other vehicle.
  • Globe pendant. Make the ceiling of your room the focal point by painting or wallpapering the walls in bright colors and hanging a large globe pendant at its center.
  • Dynamic Configurations: Advanced Manufacturing Technology allows you to create a unique chandelier that is not duplicated anywhere else. A long glass tube can be twisted to any shape you desire, regardless of how dynamic it is.
  • Nature-inspired: People want to bring spirit into their homes for the benefits it gets, the most important of which is the therapeutic aspect. Consider buying a chandelier that is shaped like a branch or has a monkey statue shining on it.

Luxurious Furniture

Furniture is second only to your home and car in terms of value. You’ll want to purchase timeless pieces of furniture that will not become outdated any time soon. Furniture was once chosen based on functionality. Now, both functionality and aesthetics get equal weight, sometimes even overtaking functionality. For a start, we suggest that you purchase Moroccan benches to create a more elegant style in your interior.

The latest furniture trends are popular with homeowners around the world:

  • Curvy Designs: Furniture with a curvier design is perceived as more classy and relaxing. Get rid of those that have straight, clean lines, and opt for more rounded furniture.
  • Natural Material: The use of synthetic material is being questioned in almost all sectors of the economy because of its negative effects on the environment. You can show that you care about the environment by buying eco-friendly furniture rather than plastic. Choose furniture made of wood, stone, or ceramics.
  • Woven Fabric: To enjoy rustic charm, you’d like to have woven fabrics on your furniture.
  • Color pop: You no longer have to buy brown furniture. People are so used to it that it looks boring. Choose furniture in bright colors to stand out from the crowd. Maybe baby pink or lime green would work.
  • Pieces that are multipurpose and convertible: The ability to get two birds out of one stone is another concern when choosing furniture. People want furniture that has multiple functions. A sofa that is also a bed would be a good example. Or even better, a bookcase-like bed that folds up.

Big Art

Homeowners are opting to replace several miniature prints with one or two large-sized pieces. They are said to make a greater visual impact. When decorating your home, wall art should reflect that. These wall art pieces are also ideal for those who want simplicity and uniformity.

To this end, you should purchase wall art that is at least 40 inches wide. All guests will notice the huge artwork. You’ll also be able to start conversations instantly and unintentionally in your home.


Spending a few dollars to update your home’s decor will make it look modern and up-to-date. You should pay attention to some of the latest trends, such as using wall tapestries and bold colors on walls, adding statement lighting, purchasing luxurious furniture, or going big with wall art.

These practical tips will help you to portray yourself as a stylish homeowner with a passion for fashion. You’ll enjoy the comfort that comes with a well-designed, decorated home for a lifetime.

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