Styling Tips For Renters – Make The Space Feel Like HomeStyling Tips For Renters – Make The Space Feel Like Home

You don’t have to compromise your style just because you are renting a home. It can be made to fit your style and cozy enough for you to feel welcome.

When you open the front door, it doesn’t feel like home. The worst thing is that it feels like you have no control over the situation. Any improvement would violate the terms of your lease agreement.

Imagine you are not one of those lucky renters who found a lavishly decorated place. You need to transform the area and make it more attractive in the long term. The landlord may not be too keen on redecorating because they do not want to invest money in the home.

Have you visited Pinterest? Register for an account if you do not have one yet. The platform has many decor ideas that you can use to make a rental home feel like your own.

Discover the best tips to make your space more inviting without having to break the bank or violate the terms of the rental agreement.

Talk to the Landlord

You might think that the landlord is not willing to redecorate, or you may believe the improvements you want to make to the space will not violate the terms of the rental agreement, but you should speak with them to get their permission for the changes. RENEW is a company that manages property in Brentwood. They suggest you talk to them about the changes and let them know you are willing to pay. Ask if you can repaint walls, add plants, replace curtains, and hang artwork.

Use Artwork

You can choose from a variety of art prints to decorate your rental. They will add personality and warmth. You can transform any plain space into a beautiful one by purchasing art prints on the Internet. Browse the Internet to find the ones that suit your style.

If your landlord does not allow you to drill holes in the wall, you can prop up the prints using open shelves, bookcases, or no-hole picture strips. If your landlord permits you to use nails, create a feature wall of images with a gallery to add style to the room.

Plants to Pick up

Take a walk around. Is there any vegetation? If not, find the best places to put pots and planters in order to brighten up the home. Flowers and plants can make your home seem more welcoming and cheerful because they are living organisms that clean the air.

Plants are often added to offices and living rooms, but they don’t have to be. Plants can be placed in any room, and the landlord is unlikely to object because they do not alter the structure of the home. Research the conditions and care that a plant requires before purchasing it. Some plants prefer humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom, while others do not like sunny places like the living area. You should also consider the type of container the plants require and be creative when selecting pots. They can add color and texture to any home.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can completely change the look and feel of a room. You’ll be surprised at how much the mood of a room can change when you switch from a dim bulb to a brighter, warmer one. You can research the best lighting for your home if you are unhappy with it. You can replace existing shades and lamps with newer ones that reflect your personality.

You can completely transform your home by changing the accessories for lighting. Each room should, as a general rule, have between 5 and 8 light sources. If the room allows, you could even buy floor lamps to give the space a nice glow.

Consider investing in table and sunset lamps to create additional layers of light. You can also purchase scented candles to enhance the mood.

Paint The Walls

You can ask your landlord to repaint walls if the different colors of the rooms overwhelm you. You can change the wall color as long as it is not darker. Most landlords will allow you to paint the walls white if you like them because they give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Use pastel colors to create an accent. Most people will find these colors appealing, and tenants won’t be uncomfortable. Paint the whole house a crisp white to embrace the Scandi look. White canvas goes with all styles and allows you to be creative with your accessories. If you want to make the rental feel like yours, add some artwork.

Accessorize the Space

It would be best if you did not hesitate to add artwork, throw pillows, or other decorative elements to your space that reflect your personality and taste. Create a bookshelf if you are a voracious reader. Books are both food for the spirit and a great decoration. Soft furnishings can make your home look more inviting. Rugs, blankets, and cushions all add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. Buy cheap but beautiful items at your local charity shop or vintage market.

We know how important it can be to return home to a space that is welcoming and feels like yours. Use the suggestions above to improve your rental’s appearance if it doesn’t give you that impression.

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