Mix Your Patterns Right!

Some people stick to a specific style of designing their homes, whether traditional, modern, or something in between. What if you don’t have a particular design you’re looking for?

What if you’d like to switch your style every few months? We’ll teach you ways to mix and mix patterns without feeling like you’re in a haze.

Beginning with the basics

Begin with a simple color scheme. Pick three or two colors that are dominant in the room and apply them throughout the layout. You can also utilize these colors as a base for patterns. Make use of materials and textures in complementary ways. For instance, put textures on the wall next to the smooth one or put metallic items on the mantel in lieu of Faye-Soft candle holders. Consider a focal point that has a variety of patterns in various dimensions and shapes. This can add some interest to your living space without having to make a complete change.

Play Pattern Matcher

If you mix and mix designs, there’s no need to be restricted by the style of your home. To begin, take an overview of trends that are currently trending. For instance, geometric patterns are prevalent in a variety of contemporary styles of home decor and are a great way to incorporate these into your interior. Some other popular designs include floral and animal prints. Once you’ve gathered some of your favorite designs, then it’s time to begin mixing and mixing these patterns. You can, for instance, pair geometric patterns with a floral print to create an exciting and contemporary look. Try something unique by mixing an animal print and geometric designs. There are endless possibilities!

Match Patterns in Harmony

When you are selecting the fabrics for the next furniture piece, such as a wall, artwork, or even a throw pillow, consider how each piece will fit together in one room. This is especially crucial when there are multiple pieces of furniture in one space, like an upholstered bed with a headboard and footboard. Each article must blend in with each other.

Clever Coordination

Integrate natural elements such as flooring made of wood and more synthetic objects like artwork or furniture. Think about combining different patterns. For instance, mixing geometric ways and Chevron designs or making use of stripes to contrast with plaids. This will create a diverse plan that’s still unified. Utilize dark and light colors in harmony to add depth and intrigue. For instance, you can put an attractive green in conjunction with an orange sofa to give it some brightness. You can also choose dark colors, such as black, for a powerful impact.

Works with Wallpaper


Select a pattern that fits your style. Make it your own! Mix and match various designs and patterns to create an original style. Keep your decor fresh by switching the wallpaper every so often. You could consider making wallpaper an accent wall rather than the primary focus of your living space. Do not be afraid to take chances and experiment with various colors, textures, and patterns to discover what you love best!

Take a Pattern Break

Mixing patterns in your home decor properly can give you a sleek and elegant look to your home. While having a cohesive look between your decor pieces is crucial, you should also enjoy the decor. Begin with a simple color scheme, and then use various colors and hues of the hue throughout the space. Select neutrals or light hues to create the foundation of your mix; later, add brighter shades all over the area. Put in pillows, rugs, or any other pieces of furniture with interesting textures to break the design.


Mixing patterns for your home decor can be a great method to bring variety and excitement to your floors and walls. When mixing patterns, do not be afraid to experiment with something new – after all, who said you need to stick to the same habits constantly? Homebliss’ team of professionals Homebliss publishes blog posts regularly about the latest interior design trends and tricks.

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