How to Replace a Tub Drain

  1. Remove the screws that secure the overflow plate using a screwdriver.
  2. With pliers, turn the drain counterclockwise. You may need help with the age of the tub. Richard used a reciprocating blade to cut the 70-year-old drain.
  3. After the drain has been removed completely, the drain pipe should be loosened and removed using pliers.
  4. Remove the old putty.
  5. Assemble the Bath Waste and Overflow Kit loosely.
  6. Put the shoe filter in the drain hole of the bathtub and add putty.
  7. Align the rubber gasket under the tub drain and the elbow.
  8. Use pliers or a shoe strainer wrench to tighten the shoe strainer.
  9. Align the overflow assembly with the overflow hole on the tub.
  10. Attach the linkage assembly on the faceplate of the trip lever.
  11. Place the plunger assembly in the overflow hole.
  12. Reinstall the overflow plate by screwing it back on.
  13. The washers and slip nuts must be secured.
  14. The new drain should be threaded into the pipe.
  15. Install strainer drain plate.
  16. Test new drain and stopper.

The following resources are available to you:

Richard replaced his old bath waste with an Everbilt Trip Lever Chrome Brass Pipe Bath Overflow. However, most bath waste kits and overflows would work.

Richard also needed to purchase other materials and tools in order to replace the tub drain. These included the plumber’s puttyscrewdrivers, and the bathtub drain wrench.

The Home Depot offers all plumbing products.

Shopping list

  • Bath Waste and Overflow Kit
  • Plumbers putty


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