How To Mix Metals in Your Decor And Get It Right!

Making a change to your interior decor can add a touch of the charm of your home. No matter what the theme is, whether it’s an unmatched set of end tables or a unique armchair for your seating space, They add an exceptional edge.

Metals aren’t different. Most of the time, we opt to match hardware, making sure that all the metals utilized in the décor match each other. However, mixing metals can add a pop to the look of a room but let your eyes focus on the omissions. We’re sure you’re eager to know more! Let’s take a look at some successful combinations.

The reason mixing different metals can be an excellent idea.

Mixing metals can add the appearance of a home with more depth and create a sense that there’s a part of the metals that have been collected throughout the years. Similar principles are applicable to your bathroom, kitchen, or living space. What metals are we discussing? It could be anything from lighting fixtures handles, furniture, or handles. Instead of trying to find an appropriate suitable match for your brass lamp, consider an unusual mismatch to brighten your living space. Finding the right mismatch could be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of suggestions for you to follow.

Concentrate on the metal finish you want to use as your primary.

For a perfect look To achieve the perfect look, choose a focal and finish. Let the other finishes complement this dominant element. Let us take the example of traditional interiors. Nickel polished to a high shine is perfect for this style. For areas where contemporary decors are involved, metals with matte black finishes fit perfectly.

Here are a few tips and tricks for how to find the ideal metal for your primary

  • The finishes like polished chrome can be a challenge because you won’t be in a position to match these finishes well against other metallics.

  • To avoid a sloppy look and an unkempt appearance, stay clear of polished brass. Instead, opt for aged brass that has a satin-like finish.

  • Nickel is a better choice over chrome for silver-colored finishes since it is a perfect match to brass.

Metals which work in conjunction with each with each

The primary metal you choose should dominate the décor by 60-70 percent. This leaves room for the accent metals. Pay attention to the undertones of the metal to ensure the perfect balance. What do you think are warm and cool undertones? Metals like copper, nickel, gold, and brass are friendly in their undertones. Metals such as chrome, stainless steel, and silver have cool undertones.

If you want a neutral choice to go with, consider metallic black matte. You can mix warm undertone metals with cool metals. However, this requires some creativity, and you might not be able to achieve it.

You’ve got your steel. But how is the finish?

There are a variety of finishes to pick from, such as the beautiful aged look sharp, simple matte, the shiny satin, or the polished and brushed. When you dive into many different types of finishes, you will get a variety of outcomes. Examples?

The satin-finished and polished nickel are both brass. The glossy finish is contrasted against the smooth satin that adds personality to your décor. But you might end up with a striking interior, so be cautious in case that’s not your thing.

You can also try softer finish metals to complement the polished metals in your décor.

The correct positioning is also important.

In one area of the room will not make sense. Sprinkle the primary metal all over your space to add interest, and let the additional metals shine as accents. In places like the kitchen, it is possible to use the primary metal to reign the table on your cabinet handles. To add a touch of metal, try using it to finish the faucet. It is possible to make the connection using light fittings with a mixed metal finish.

Do not be afraid to chart your route.

It’s all about the things you enjoy. If you own some beautiful nickel items that you love, then go for the style you like. There’s no need to hurry to the shop to purchase brass fittings. If the home’s collection of fittings in metal is a reflection of your style, choose it.

Final thoughts

The key is in the small details. Every aspect of your interior decor can influence the final result, whether the texture, the materials, or the finishing.

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