Are you looking to make your dining room decor more Instagram-worthy than dull and drab? To get inspired, check out these top dining room decor ideas.

How does your dining room look between meals?

It could be used as a home office, second living space, or something in between, depending on your lifestyle. Perhaps you just moved in the dining room chairs and a table, but it still feels bare. This could be the time to update your dining room decor.

We can help you design your dining room, whether you use it for special occasions or host regular dinner parties. This guide will help you create a dining room you love. Are you ready to get started?

Here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect dining table decor pieces.

Finding the right pieces is key to creating a stunning dining table. These are the top tips from experts to help you choose the right dining room decor and style your table.

1. Look For Flexibility.

We can get overwhelmed by the number of options when it comes to decorating. One vase might be too simple, and we end up with too many things. Living Cozy’s Karen Rohr stated that she recommends keeping only those things that you can remove easily if you have extra space.

Karen said, “A centerpiece that is both portable and useful is the best.” A vase of fresh flowers or a fruit bowl can make a beautiful centerpiece and be easily rearranged when it’s time for dinner. A candleholder set or small arrangement of greenery can be used to add elegance to the table but not overpower the food.

2. Embrace Your Individuality.

Catherine Davin suggested that you can display your individuality by decorating your dining room. This could be anything from a bright and eclectic setting to a traditional, sophisticated look. Mix a tablecloth, runner, napkins, and glassware with your flatware, china, or glassware to create a beautiful combination.

I like to use a few yards’ worths of beautifully cut fabric as a tablecloth. Then, I add a centerpiece such as fresh cut flowers or an assortment of candles sticks. Do not clutter the space. Catherine advised that only a handful of meaningful decor pieces should be chosen to highlight the table scape.

3. Select A Theme.

When designing a room, particularly a dining room or table scape room, I think about the overall theme and design that I want. Wilfredo Emanuel said, “Once I have a clear idea of the overall design I want, I select pieces that will complement each other. Then I work to achieve the vision and keep the end goal in my mind,”

Browse the internet for inspiration to find a theme that you like. Let’s say, and for example, you love modern farmhouse design. You now have a theme for your dining room. You can now choose one or more dining room decorating ideas to use and then add your favorites. You might create DIY mason jar candleholders to match a flower arrangement or a chandelier.

4. Take Into Account The Space.

Your dining room should be used for entertaining, sharing meals, and catching up with family members. Alexandra Davin advised that you ensure enough seating for all members of the family when choosing your dining room table and chairs. To be able to move about the room comfortably and use the slide-out chairs, aim for 3 feet from the table. To maximize your space when entertaining, you can consider an extendable table.

Allison Kersun says, “It is important to think about the space before you start.” Don’t try to fit too many chairs and tables into a small space. It will feel crowded. To ensure that everything fits, you can test the dimensions of the set by tracing the dimensions of the chairs and table with masking tape on the ground.

5. Consider Lighting.

Lighting is an essential ingredient for a dining area, especially if it’s used at night. Julia Dempster said that I never choose over-scaled lighting and recommend light fixtures with a dimmer to control the mood. “In the beach house [pictured below], I used warm, oversized Gervasoni rattan fixtures. I then reflected it in the shapes of the wooden candle holders. When the tabletop isn’t in use, I fill it with accessories of different heights. To give the tabletop height, I used two candles and a floral arrangement.

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