How To Make Your Study Room Comfortable And Entertaining


The biggest challenge for me isn’t studying but finding a comfortable place that does not distract me much and keeping my study mode on for hours. This is not just for me; this is the case for all students. All students are sailing in the same ship, fighting high tides of distractions, laziness, and lack of motivation, to be named a few. But there is a solution to any problem. So here I am with the answer on how you can sail higher and higher without caring about these tides.


Start by building your little ship. By ship, I mean to say that you can create your own little space for studying. In this blog, I will help you design the most comfortable, entertaining, and beautiful study room, which will make your study hours most amazing. An environment that will make you study doesn’t that sound exciting?


Let’s get started!

  1. Select a place- Once you assign a place as your study area, your mind will eventually adapt to it, and whenever you enter that place, you will feel like studying. As a result, you won’t have to push yourself to study; instead, your place will turn your study mode on.
  1. Recreate the environment- Redesign your study area the way you like it. Everyone thrives in a different context. Think about what kind of environment helps you focus more and recreate that in your room. Also, some indoor houseplants should be kept to improve air quality.
  1. Don’t get too comfortable- If you get too comfortable, you’ll probably end up sleeping. So, design a place that will be convenient for studying. Change your pajamas before you start learning to signal your mind that this isn’t nap but study time.
  1. Let natural light get in. Natural light makes one feel refreshed and kills laziness. So, if there are windows in your study area, don’t close them; let natural light find its way in. If you don’t have windows, make adjustments so natural light can find its way in.
  1. Don’t look directly into the light- Lights shining directly into your face can be irritating and distracting. Adjust the light source so that it does not directly strike your face. It would be great to have a light source from behind for reading purposes. Arrange the desk lamps to your chin level.
  1. Play soft music to avoid noises from outside- Music can put you in a good mood. So turn some soft music on in your study area. You may find so many on YouTube to help you. But don’t play any music with lyrics as your mind will be distracted by such music. So instead, play some soft, plain music.
  1. Create a positive environment- Keep a family picture on your study table or write some good quotes that will motivate you. Remind yourself why you need to do it whenever you feel you can’t. Create a positive environment that helps you do more hard work.
  1. Turn off your phone- Don’t put your phone on silent mode. Please turn it off or put it on airplane mode to save yourself from any distractions.


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