How To Increase The Space On A Small Room

Your home is undergoing a remodel because you think it will transform your house into a beautiful piece of art and increase its value. Wise move!

You may be tempted to remodel a room, but you’re not sure the style of the new decor will match your own.

You begin to complain that a large home will not provide you with the comfort to play with your pet or let your children run free.

You are not confident that a small space is perfect!

Small rooms are easier for you to clean, organize, and decorate.

There are many strategies you can use to make small rooms seem larger, even on a budget. These include:


It’s not because it was designed that way. You have too much stuff in your room.

Get all your collections out of sight to make space and reduce cramping. Place the items you need behind doors or on shelves.

Your small room will appear spacious and orderly, with everything hidden. Easy, right?

Allow Natural Light to Enter During the Day and Add More Lamps

A room will seem larger if it is well-lit, whether by natural or artificial lighting. Remove heavy drapes during the day to let in natural light. Install track and recessed lighting to ensure that your room’s view does not change at night. To save energy, turn on the lights only when necessary.

Use light colors on the floor and walls.

Dark colors can make a space look cozier. Dark colors can also make a room appear smaller because they absorb light. If you want to make your small room appear bigger and more airy, use light colors that are reflective of your style.

Remove Furniture from Walls

Some people think that the best way to maximize space in a tiny space is by placing furniture along the walls. This isn’t true. The opposite will make space.

Avoid placing large furniture items or other objects against the wall. You can create a larger space by moving them away a few inches.

Consider Statement Furniture

A small room will be cluttered with furniture if you have many of them. A large couch is a great way to ensure you have plenty of seating without having to compromise the small space. This will not only make the room look bigger but will also enhance its appearance.

Stripes can extend the space!

A striped rug can make any room seem larger. It is easy to do, and it works. For the best results, make sure the stripes run the entire length of the room, just like the racetrack of the Kentucky Derby.


Mirrors can be used to create the illusion of more space in small spaces. Use a large-framed or oversized mirror against the wall.

Mirrors reflect light, which will make the room feel brighter and more spacious. This can be a great opportunity to place mirrored coffee tables and chest drawers.

Have you tried these strategies? Try them out and see the difference.

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