How to design a home that boosts your well-being

Your home is the place you spend the majority of your time. It’s your place to relax free of the clamors of the world outside. It is, therefore, crucial that your home contributes to your well-being. How do you make that occur? Experts say you can be sure that it happens by considering certain aspects when designing your space.

“Architects and designers often concentrate on the function in the design when designing a layout and often forgetting the person who uses it to enhance the design. Design environments are influenced through their shapes, spaces and surfaces that create emotions that motivate and enrich every day life.” Apoorva Shroff, Founder and Principal Designer of Lyth Design, said.

Shroff offered five aspects to be aware of when designing your residence to enhance your overall health.

It is an important factor.

According to an expert, one should consider comfort when designing any space. “Just like nobody can focus on a performance or movie in uncomfortable seats, it is important to create comfortable environments for efficiency, comfort and wellbeing,” she stated.

Integrate natural components

Incorporating natural elements into the interior of your home is an increasing trend in the world. The incorporation of vegetation with earthy color shades “can help craft spaces that put the mind at ease and offer peace to the occupiers.”

Utilize technology as per your requirements.

There is a lot of technology throughout our lives. Make use of them to improve your health because even the smallest of things can have a significant impact on the area, Shroff said. “For instance, create a peaceful, spa-like ambience, one can use a white noise machine, and air purifier to create a peaceful atmosphere.”

One of the most important factors that can set the mood of an area is the lighting. “Warm lighting can aid in creating cozy spaces like bedrooms, while white lights make a perfect setting to work in. Controlling lighting is essential; for example, theater rooms require only a few lights and should be enabled to ensure optimal efficiency and fantastic spatial experience,” she said.

Natural ventilation

In a statement that emphasized how important it is to have natural airflow for your health, The designer stated, “a workspace for efficient functioning demands natural light and ventilation and the perfect amount of artificial lighting for optimum productivity.”

Additionally to these items, it is also possible to introduce natural materials, old furniture, candlelight, or essential oils into their homes, according to Devika Khosla, the Creative Director at The Works Interiors. This is how they can aid in the words of the designer.

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